Game of Thrones star says to 'expect the unexpected' with season finale

Game of Thrones star says to 'expect the unexpected' with season finale

Game of Thrones' final season is just around the corner, and fans are clamouring for any information they can get. What do I mean by "around the corner"? Well, of course I mean it's less than a year away, which doesn't seem like quite as much since we're over halfway through the two-year gap between seasons.

Still, it's not like any of us Thrones obsessives have learned anything about patience along the way. I don't know about you, but I'm hopping on every Reddit fan theory and Twitter prediction I can find, as well as getting up to date on the audiobooks for the source material. Maybe if George R R Martin finally releases the sixth novel in the A Song of Ice and Fire series (The Winds of Winter) anytime soon, we would be able to pass the time a little easier.

If, like me, you're looking for any morsel of information on the upcoming climactic season, you could do worse than reading about the interview with Hannah Murray, who plays the migrating wildling Gilly in the HBO series.

Speaking to fan site Watchers on the Wall at the Con of Thrones annual convention, Murray spoke about the arc of her character, and even what we could expect in season eight.

"Her beginnings are so harrowing and so awful and we’ve watched her get given things and we’ve watched her grow and we’ve watched her gain in strength," she said of her character, "if anything she’s become softer and warmer as time’s gone on."

Murray also went into style of acting, claiming that back in the second season, she made the decision to keep her expression "very deadpan" due to her miserable existence at that point, but that eventually changed.

"Then there were moments once we got to season 4 and [Gilly and Sam] were at Castle Black where I was like, 'Oh she's happy and she's happy for the first time'."

As for what we've got to see in the future, Murray said that when she read the final script, she found them "satisfyingly surprising":

"I knew to expect the unexpected. Anything that felt too obvious to me I knew was not going to be what [happened]. So there were certain things where I was like, 'Well it can’t be that but I don’t know what it is going to be'.

"It’s not like a fairytale happy ending by any means at all and I think it’s a really wonderful final season. I’m really excited for people to get to see it."

It wouldn't be fitting for Game of Thrones to give us a predictable, happy ending after what's happened in the past. I know that if there's one thing I really hope we get in the final season, it's some surprises - so this is good news from where I'm standing.

Now, we've only got around ten months to go...