'Games of Thrones' star teases hungry fans with season eight spoiler on Instagram

'Games of Thrones' star teases hungry fans with season eight spoiler on Instagram

With the last season of Game of Thrones still roughly a year away, all of us fans are left to hungrily follow any breadcrumbs that the stars give us - and that's exactly what us desperate lot have done, hanging onto every single word they throw our way.

The latest clue we have comes from actor Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson who plays The Mountain, the largest, strongest and most feared man in Westeros. Last time we saw the much-feared warrior, otherwise known as Ser Gregor Clegane, he was busy threatening Jamie Lannister on Queen Cersei's orders, waiting for her to give the command to execute her brother. It never came, leaving Jamie to call his sister on her bluff and walk out of the room past The Mountain.

So, now we all know where he stands, where can we expect to see The Mountain at the end of the last season of the fantasy drama? If we're going on clues that Björnsson dropped in a recent Q&A on Instagram, as well as a recent picture he posted, we can suggest that he doesn't come out well.

Last week, the actor - who was crowned the World's Strongest Man earlier in the year - uploaded a gory picture of himself as his character, wearing horrifying make-up and sporting crazed red bulging eyes that stared straight into the camera. Many fans have taken this snap to mean that The Mountain meets his doom in the final season, with some speculating that he gets taken by the Night King. A walking dead icy version of the Mountain? Can you think of anything more terrifying?

In addition, in response to a fan who asked him his "favourite GOT scene to be in," in a recent Instagram Q&A, Bjornsson replied that the scene "happens in season 8...so I can’t speak about it." This vague answer spurred many fans to jump to the conclusion that he was talking about the fight that all fans have been waiting for: Cleganebowl.

Cleganebowl refers to the theory that suggests The Mountain's younger brother Sandor Clegane, otherwise known as the Hound, will take him on in a fight to the death.

The idea that this is the way that one of them will meet their end has been floating around the internet for years now, and when questioned about it in an interview last year, Björnsson was all for it. He told Entertainment Weekly that his character would "100 per cent win", stating: "I haven’t seen it yet in my head how I would kill him, but somehow I would smash his head or kill him like that. I think the fight would be quick rather than something long. I think people would be expecting a big fight but I would finish him really fast. It would be a surprise to people."

So, how will it all end? Does The Mountain come off in a bad way after fighting with his brother? Does he get taken by the Night King? Does he die protecting Cersei? All we know is we can't wait to watch it.