Gameshow contestant eats strawberries and cream out of woman's bellybutton

Gameshow contestant eats strawberries and cream out of woman's bellybutton

Viewers of Channel 4's Naked Attraction have been left disgusted after a contestant ate strawberries and cream out of a woman's bellybutton.

For any non-UK readers, let me just explain a few things. Firstly, Naked Attraction is a TV dating show in which somebody selects a romantic match based on what they look like wearing absolutely nothing. With each round, the singleton eliminates a potential love interest as more of their naked body is revealed.

Secondly, British people like to eat strawberries and cream.

On a recent episode of the controversial Channel 4 show, Glyn, a disco dancer looking for the perfect woman, told host Anna Richardson that he wanted a woman who shared his unique kink of "sploshing". After a quick Google search that I deeply regret, this is where somebody gets turned on from large amounts of a substance being applied to the skin.

For contestant Glyn, it was squirty cream - and after the sliding doors revealed the bellybuttons of his potential dates, he took out his canisters (literally), and got squirting.

In the video below, Glyn eats a strawberry that has been dipped in cream that he squirted into a woman's bellybutton - if you really want to watch it, that's your call:

As you can imagine, people on Twitter reacted accordingly.

Emma Louise wrote: "I’ve caught the plague that’s being going around work, it’s so bad I’ve had to take a day off work and I’m sat watching Naked Attraction and a 60-year-old guy is squirting whipped cream on naked women’s stomachs and dipping strawberries into it and I’m worried I’m hallucinating".

And Sakina L joked: "Is he seriously eating strawberry and cream on out of someone belly button on TV [...] Well you know what they say there is always a first time for everything but this is a whole level of wrong [sic]".

And finally, Christopher Reed perfectly summed up the segment when he tweeted: "That naked attraction is the worst programme about proper seedy old bastard if you’re watching that. Flicked it on and some old boy eating strawberries and whipped cream out a birds belly button. Shocking [sic]".

This certainly isn't a show to watch with your grandparents in the room... or parents... or at all.