Gordon Ramsay sparks outrage over scene in new TV show

Gordon Ramsay sparks outrage over scene in new TV show

After controversially describing guinea pig meat as "delicious", Gordon Ramsay has once again caused outrage among animal lovers after killing, cooking and eating a goat in his new TV show, Unchartered.

The show follows the chef "embarking on anthropology-through-cuisine expeditions to explore the people, places and flavours the world has to offer," according to the National Geographic Channel.

The incident took place on New Zealand's south island, where the chef had traveled to sample Maori delicacies with chef Monique Fiso.

Gordon Ramsay firing a gun. Credit: National Geographic Channel

Describing what it felt like to kill a goat, Ramsay, 52, said:

"My heart's beating like Big Ben. Your adrenaline is pumping. This is not wrapped up in cling film on a supermarket shelf. This is proper outdoor hunting."

The chef then went onto cook the animal using traditional methods, serving it with seaweed potatoes, wild salad, and fuchsia berry chutney.

In the video below, Ramsay explains how he is going to cook the goat he killed: 

And while Ramsay's creation was eaten enthusiastically on the island, it was largely met with controversy on social media, where users described his killing of the goat as a "mindless" and "cruel" act:

Not everyone, however, slammed the chef, pointing out that it was no different from any other animal slaughter:

People also used the controversy as an opportunity to explain that goats are regarded as pests in New Zealand, and Ramsay's actions simply mirrored those of locals, who are encouraged to kill the animals when possible.

Unchartered is currently airing every Sunday on the National Geographic Channel.