Hawkins is in danger in the final trailer for 'Stranger Things' season 3

Hawkins is in danger in the final trailer for 'Stranger Things' season 3

Will there ever be peace in Hawkins? It certainly seems unlikely, watching the final trailer for Stranger Things season three!

While many Americans will be gazing at fireworks on July 4, fans of the hit horror show will be watching fireworks of an entirely different sort onscreen.

The new series hits Netflix on American Independence Day - and we're sure your family will understand if you completely ignore them for most of the celebration.

July 4 cannot come fast enough! Check out the final trailer here:

The trailer teases ominous developments in Hawkins, Indiana, showing our favourite kids in grave danger once again.

Seemingly innocent trips to the local shopping mall and the town carnival appear onscreen - but despite Eleven sealing the space-time rift to the Upside Down in the season two finale, it becomes clear that evil is all around them still.

When Eleven and Will realise a monster may have remained in the small town, looking for a new host body to bond with, trouble begins.

Stranger Things season 3 Credit: Netflix

While not confirmed, it's suggested by the new trailer that teenage bully Billy Hargrove could be the new villain for Season three, with the camera landing on him when Will suggests the monster has a "new host".

"We are going to end you, we're going to end your friends, and we're going to end everyone," a terrifying voiceover says in the clip.

Either way, one person we're especially worried for is our home girl Eleven, who is shown in the finale footage blindfolded with blood dripping from her nose and looking incredibly concerned.

Will the kids survive another season? They better do - or those mouthbreathers at Netflix will be hearing from us!