Here are all of the hidden ghosts you missed in terrifying 'Haunting of Hill House' that's making people 'pass out'

Here are all of the hidden ghosts you missed in terrifying 'Haunting of Hill House' that's making people 'pass out'

Watching The Haunting of Hill House puts any viewer on red alert, ready and waiting for a ghost to appear onscreen and scare the living daylights out of them at any given terrifying moment. However, we've got news for you: there's a lot more where that came from.

Series creator Mike Flanagan recently teased the existence of these creeping spectres in an interview with Vulture when he claimed: "We actually hid dozens of ghosts throughout the series, in plain sight, in the deep background of shots. We don’t call any attention to them, but they’re there. If you look in a door frame, or under the piano, or behind a curtain in a lot of otherwise ordinary scenes, you’ll see someone there."

Ever since then, fans have been even more on the edge of their seats, desperately attempting to spot the camouflaged phantoms. Here, we have 29 ghosts you may not have clocked. Warning: Having a pillow handy to hide behind is highly recommended while viewing this list.

Episode one: Stephen Sees a Ghost 1. In the first minute of episode one, there's a ghost hiding under the stairs 2. While Steven and his father are freaking out about whatever is in the hall turning the knob, they don't notice the figure standing behind him 3. As they flee the house, they're definitely not alone - look behind the stairs and you'll see more than one phantom watching them leave... 4. Is it me, or is someone eavesdropping on the Crains' conversation? Episode two: Open Casket 1. Multiple spectres have arrived to watch Shirley and Olivia talk to their mother. Can't spot them? Check out the garden to the right of the statue... 2. When the scene cuts to a shot of Olivia talking to Shirley, there’s a figure in the kitchen behind her... Episode three: Touch 1. When Theodora walks into the kitchen, there's a ghost watching her through a panel in the door. They can make door panels transparent now?! 2. When Theo and Luke walk into the dining room, there's a figure standing right in front of them. Can the Crains see them, or are they just really not paying attention? (Look to the right of Theo's shoulder.) 3. Theo looks at the dumbwaiter, but she really should be checking out the dining room. See that chair in the dark? To the right, there's a phantom's arm...and face... 4. As Theo searches the newly discovered basement for a ladder, a specter watches. Check the glass door to the left. 5. As Theo peers into the basement, she totally misses the apparition hiding behind the ladder... 6. Something's lurking at the bottom right of that enormous chandelier... 7. Theo! There's a creepy bald man watching you! Run! 8. This one's difficult to see unless you're watching on a big screen. Behind Olivia, and between the two archways, there's a pale face watching. Go ahead, and press your face up against your computer screen or phone screen to see it. Nobody's watching. Except specters. 9. There's a ghost standing by the red lamp. Yeah, this one's pretty obvious. Seems like the Crains should have seen it. When's the last time this family got their vision checked?

Episode four: The Twin Thing

1. At about the eight minute mark, a figure can be spotted behind the chair in the room behind Luke and Nell. 2. As Hugh and Olivia embrace, and dream about their perfect home, a ghostly blond woman stands by the window down the hall. And she probably feels so left. Aww. Poor ghost. 3. This is another really hard to one to spot. While Luke and Nell mess with the communication system, a face watches from the glass cabinet across the room. (Give up? Second row from the bottom, middle panel.) Episode five: The Bent-Neck Lady 1. As Luke descends the stairs, two shadowy figures commiserate in the doorway to the right. 2. A haunting figure lurks behind Liv in this close-up... 3. When Theo enters Nell's room, neither of them of them notice the figure under the piano. See its hands? Creepy! 4. Are you ready for your close-up, Nellie? That shadowy figure behind you certainly is. Episode seven: Eulogy 1. Thirty-eight minutes into the episode, a specter watches Hugh from the room behind him. 2. Behind the cops, a ghostly hand clutches the wall. Perhaps from the blond woman? 3. Blondie's back, gazing at Hugh - once again - while he examines mold in the basement. Somebody's got a crush! Episode nine: Meemies 1. In the opening scene, there's a figure to the right of the giant archway. They like hanging around that chandelier, don't they? 2. This is an easy one to spot, so I'm not even going to tell you. If you can't see it, it's your loss. Do you even ghost hunt, bro? 3. To the right of the stairs, a specter watches the family. Where you going, Craines? Episode 10: Silence Lay Steady 1. There's a partially hidden ghost in the doorway behind adult Steven.

Can't get enough of the brand new Netflix horror? Lucky for you, it looks like there's a second season coming our way. You know what that means: even more hair-raising, hidden ghosts to spot.