New Netflix horror that's making people 'pass out' could already be set to get a second series

New Netflix horror that's making people 'pass out' could already be set to get a second series

If you haven't already checked out the horror masterpiece that is The Haunting of Hill House, I strongly recommend that you give it a shot... preferably with the lights out, if you can handle it.

Based on the classic 1959 gothic horror novel of the same name by acclaimed author Shirley Jackson (who also wrote the popular short story, The Lottery), this latest Netflix drama has already earned itself quite the reputation amongst spooky film fanatics. In fact, some people claim that the show was so terrifying it caused them to pass out.

The story follows one family - both as children and adults - who lived in the eponymous Hill House. From the very first episode, we are treated to mysterious bumps in the night and unexplained happenings - all of which culminate in one horrific event. I won't spoil it for those who have yet to give it a go, but I will say that it is genuinely creepy.

However, if you've already powered through all 10 episodes (and I don't blame you if you have), worry not: a second season could soon be underway.

red door haunting of hill house Credit: Netflix

In an interview with JOE, actor Michiel Huisman (who plays Steve Crain in the horror show) said that talks have already begun with regards to bringing out another season of Hill House.

"Well, you know what. Very early on, when we were still shooting this show, we had conversations about what a second season could look like and I think that one of the crazy things about Mike (Flanagan) is that he is an infinite well of ideas and stories.  I don’t think he ever sleeps!" said Huisman. "There are possibilities - if the show is a hit - to create a second season and still be in this world of Hill House."

It has been suggested that the series could follow in the footsteps of American Horror Story, in which every season deals with a different narrative played by the same cast of actors.

"But I could also totally see him (Flanagan) pitch an idea where we just do a spin-off," Huisman went on. "Film an anthology series and take it in a completely different direction. We have to wait and see. That’s one of the cool things about Netflix, they’re open to anything. We’ll wait and see."

And, judging by the fan response, it's unlikely that Netflix would turn down the opportunity to make a second season.

Even Stephen King said he was a fan!

"THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE, revised and remodelled by Mike Flanagan. I don’t usually care for this kind of revisionism, but this is great. Close to a work of genius, really. I think Shirley Jackson would approve, but who knows for sure," the esteemed horror author wrote on Twitter.

So, if you haven't been brave enough to check it out yet, you definitely should take the plunge. Maybe watch it with someone else - a partner, a friend, a pet - in order to have something to hold onto for the really scary parts, or - if you're a real horror nut - stream the whole thing alone, at night, in a red room.