Here's what's reportedly going to be inside the $100k Oscars gift bags

Here's what's reportedly going to be inside the $100k Oscars gift bags

Despite the fact it's an honour to be nominated in the first place, it's hard not to look at the faces of the nominees who lose out to an award and feel a little sorry for them. However, when it comes to the Oscars, we shouldn't feel too bad. Not only do they get the title of 'Oscar-nominated actor' before their name from now on, but they also get some treats just for showing up to the ceremony.

The 25 nominees in the acting and directing categories each receive the 'Everyone Wins' Nominee Gift Bag, which is said to be valued at around $100,000. This is the 17th year it has been run by LA marketing agency Distinctive Assets, who put together a bag of swag with some unique inclusions - including a selection of cannabis products this year - which “is tied to the legalization of cannabis in California,” Lash Fary, Founder of Distinctive Assets, said.

Fary adds that this is about applauding talents with "fun and festive" presents rather than to "boast an impressive value," but when you look at the long list included, there's plenty to go on.

Luxury sea adventure

A small-ship trip to one of four options: Iceland, Costa Rica, the Galapagos, or the Amazon. Valued at $15,000 to $20,000 per person.

Cooler full of Jarritos

The Yeti cooler is stocked full of the Mexican soda, and even more can be made available for the nominee's choice of charitable event.

Private therapy sessions

With phobia relief expert Kalliope Barlis.

Membership to the MOTA Los Angeles

An annual membership to the Medicine of the Angels, a cannabis-friendly social club, along with three guest passes.

Premium A. Junod absinthe

Handcrafted in Pontalier, France.

Credit: Distinctive Assets

Personal training sessions

10 free sessions with the Los Angeles-based trainer Alexis Seletzky

Designer t-shirts

Limited edition from AP4GooD.

Personalised stained-glass portrait

By artist John Thoman.

A week's vacation in Greece.

The beachfront holiday will be at Avaton Luxury Villas Resort in Halkidiki.

Colour-changing lipstick

Limited edition samples from Blush & Whimsy.

Credit: Distinctive Assets

CBD-infused anti-ageing treatment

CBRxSupreme's treatment is infused with cannabis oil.

Handcrafted cocoa 'jewels'

Chocolatines' selection include Lemongrass Gyokuro Green Tea Emerald, Champagne Diamond, and Ginger Sake Pearl.

Mouth rinse and toothpaste

AKA 'the Spa Kit for your Mouth'.

Meal for two

A 'farm-to-table' meal for two people at Flora Farms in Los Cabos, Mexico.

Specialty cannabis products

The Deluxe Coda Signature gift box contains, cannabis edibles, topicals and concentrates... and cannabis-infused bath bombs.

Credit: Distinctive Assets

A week's stay at the Golden Door luxury wellness retreat

The stay at the San Marcos, California location is all-inclusive.

Good Girl Chocolate selection

They're all gluten and dairy-free.

Luxury apparel

From Happiest Tee.

Cannabis skincare products

High Beauty have infused cannabis infused in their products.

Instytutum Beauty gift box

Results-driven beauty products, including Triple Action Peel, Powerful Retinol and Flawless Inner Beauty Ageless Complex.

Salon-quality hair dryer

From It's a 10 Haircare.

Credit: Distinctive Assets

Dental Products

From Knotty Floss

Travel makeup bag

Kusshi provides a travel makeup bag/organiser.

Luxury eyelashes

A complete set of 15 from Le Céline

Credit: Distinctive Assets

Tote bags and cards

From Love Is Stronger Than Hate.


Millianna fashion-inspired.

Mister Poop emoji plunger

It glows in the dark!

Credit: Distinctive Assets

A weekend in Malibu

A rejuvenating getaway for the weekend at the 3D Wellness Retreat.

Anti-ageing eye mask

Liquid gold, antioxidant serum and gold-infused, from MZ Skin.

Cannabis-infused beauty products

Nannette de Gaspé's products include a Bain Noir bath soak treatment infused with cannabis sativa seed oil extract.

Credit: Distinctive Assets

Celebrity chef-prepared dinner

Served poolside at one of Nest Seekers International's ultra-luxury listings.

Salted Toffee Pretzel Crisp bars

High-protein bars from Optimum Nutrition.

Organic Hair Care shampoo

Including conditioner and other styling products.

Oxygenetix Foundation

A year-long supply!

Milano Cookies

From Pepperidge Farm.

PETA pens

The charity's Agent for Animals Spy Pens.

Credit: Distinctive Assets

Gourmet Posh Pretzels

A two-tier gift box.

Maple syrup and gourmet gift set

100% organic from Rouge Maple

The word's first silent wearable breast pump

By Elvie Pump

Original artwork

From Reian Williams Fine Art.

Credit: Distinctive Assets

Dog leash

Grip-free safety variety.

Saliz lotion

Unisex, all-natural, hair-inhibiting lotion.

Soul Shropshire candles

Made with pure essential oils.


All-natural from Southern Wicked.

Credit: Distinctive Assets

Visit to New York's first custom perfumery

The trip to The Scentarium comes with custom fragrances by Sue Phillips of Scenterprises.

The Beauty Book for Brain Cancer

By Darren Tieste.

Gigantote and reusable garment bags

From The Green Garmento.

Lapis lazuli bracelets

From the TAPS for Hope Afghan collection.

Credit: Distinctive Assets

Energizing dietary supplements

From Tru Niagen.

$30,000-worth of rejuvenating beauty treatments

By New York-based Dr. Konstantin Vasyukevich.

Hair Growth products

Courtesy of Vida.

The latest issue of WSJ. Magazine

As well as a three-month free subscription card.

A Handmade Bow Tie

From ZuZu Kim Couture.

Credit: Distinctive Assets

Now, I don't know about you - but that sounds like a lot more than can fit into one gift bag. Maybe a gift sack, or a gift shipping container. Either way, these nominees are blessed in more ways than one.