Hugh Grant sends fans into hysterics with 'Bridget Jones' joke to Renee Zellweger at BAFTAs

Hugh Grant sends fans into hysterics with 'Bridget Jones' joke to Renee Zellweger at BAFTAs

There's no doubt that more than twenty years on, Bridget Jones' Diary is still considered one of the best romantic comedies ever, and one of the best reinterpretations of Jane Austen's classic novel, Pride and Prejudice.

Indeed, the film seems to be just as beloved by the movie's cast, as it is by its fans. American actress Renee Zellweger played the British thirty-something, everywoman Bridget, while Hugh Grant played the character of Daniel Cleaver alongside Colin Firth's (sort of) reprisal of Mr. Darcy.

An image of Hugh Grant. Credit: PA Images

Indeed, last night at the British Academy Film Awards show, Hugh Grant proved just how proud he was of the movie, and his co-star Zellweger, when he made a hilarious reference to it while presenting the 50-year-old actress with an award.

After snatching up the award for Best Actress for her performance in the Judy Garland biopic, Judy, Renee delivered an acceptance speech, and was given a peck on the cheek by Grant when she exited the stage.

Grant seemingly couldn’t resist a making nod to their days starring alongside one another when he quipped: "First of all, well done Jones. That was a very, very silly little dress, I thought."

A true 'Bridget Jones' fan will love the reference Hugh Grant made: 

He also joked about his onscreen rival Colin Firth, stating: "Best Film category is an amazing bunch of films. I voted - I don't normally do that unless I'm specifically trying to prevent Colin Firth from winning."

Fans on social media seemed to enjoy Grant's sense of humor. For instance, one person on Twitter wrote: "My personal highlight of the @BAFTA's ... when Hugh Grant brought back Bridget Jones's Diary when he congratulated Renée Zellweger on her Best Actress win by saying "Well done Jones. [sic]"

Take a look at some of the best fan reactions to Hugh Grant's hilarious quip below:

Meanwhile, someone else added: "Renee Zellweger descending the stairs, BAFTA in hand, into the arms of a waiting Hugh Grant. I stan. I stan very much. Just as it is. #BAFTAs [sic]"