Jason Momoa reveals the prop he kept from the set of 'Game of Thrones' and it's super gross

Jason Momoa reveals the prop he kept from the set of 'Game of Thrones' and it's super gross

The premiere of Game of Thrones' final season is just around the corner, and most of us don't know what to do with ourselves. For some, the next few weeks is best used to binge-watch the previous season, or seasons if you're ambitious. In fact, it's something that Arya Stark herself has encouraged people to do.

Any actor that has made it to the final season is probably in hiding at the moment, looking forward to the time when the last episode airs so they no longer have to tip-toe around spoilers or run from overly-passionate fans of the show. But the likes of Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Lena Headey and Kit Harington are far outnumbered by the number of ex-castmembers.

In case you somehow haven't seen it yet, here's the epic trailer for the final season of the show:

After all, Game of Thrones is more than happy to kill a character off - and we've seen plenty of them go over the years.

Now that it's coming to an end, some of the actors are reminiscing about their time on the show, including Jason Momoa. The Aquaman actor made a brief but memorable appearance at the beginning of the series as the brutal (but somehow lovable) Khal Drogo.

He left the show all the way back at the end of the first season in 2011, but definitely made an impact on viewers. For those who somehow need to avoid spoilers on why... let's just say he went back to his home planet.

One of the most memorable scenes starring Momoa was one of the most gruesome in the show - letting viewers know that the fantasy series was not going to hold back.

I'm sure you'll all remember the time that Drogo killed a man by slitting his throat and ripping out his tongue - but here's a reminder anyway:

Recently, the actor spoke to Entertainment Weekly about his experience on the show, in which he talked about how this scene was one of the first he shot that was not actually adapted from the book series - and it was also his idea.

"I think it was one of the first scenes that was never in the book ... I always wanted to see [Drogo] go to battle. I didn’t want to do some elaborate fight scene. I think it’s [just as] intimidating to whisper in someone’s ear and go, “Stop that.” You can just parry; I don’t need to do any fight moves. Then you just take the guy’s sword and slice his throat out."

In fact, he was so proud of it, he decided to keep the tongue and throat prop that he ripped out, which isn't exactly the most visually-appealing thing to put on the mantelpiece. “I’m a big fan of taking the things that I worked with,” he said. “So I have the souvenir of the tongue and the throat. That’s just on my desk.”

Maybe Momoa can land big roles like Aquaman by having meetings in this room. After all, it must be a good negotiating tactic to intimidate a producer with that as a paperweight.