Jersey Shore star Pauly D posted a picture without hair gel and fans are obsessed

Jersey Shore star Pauly D posted a picture without hair gel and fans are obsessed

It's been a few years since the last ever episode of MTV's infamous reality TV series Jersey Shore wrapped up, but after many episodes of unintentional hilarity, the colourful (well, spray-tanned) cast has now moved on to other things; some good, some bad, and some even behind bars.

One of the most beloved housemates to appear on the show was Paul DelVecchio Jr, aka - Pauly D. Pauly's generally laid-back attitude and hilarious one-liners earned him a loyal fanbase, and he was easily recognisable thanks to his signature hairdo: a well-oiled blowback that made him look as though he'd been riding a high-speed Harley-Davidson with no helmet down a wind tunnel.

Indeed, many fans have pondered over the years what Pauly would look like if he wasn't so rigorously brilliantined every day. You know, if he maybe only used half a tube of hair gel per day, instead of the full load.

However, after what feels like aeons of speculation, we finally have the answer to that all-important question: what does Pauly D look like sans gel? The answer is this: completely different.

Just take a gander at the image below, which Pauly himself uploaded to his official Instagram stories earlier this week. The pic showed a bare-chested Pauly working out in the sunshine (how very like him) with his hair dry and luxurious.

Instead of gel, he'd substituted a small hairband to hold his hair in position. Although some followers were enamoured with the look, Pauly appeared to have returned to his usual style later that day. Awww.

An image of Pauly D. Credit: Instagram/@djpaulyd

However, this isn't the first time that the general public has taken a keen interest in the appearance of the cast of Jersey Shore. Recently, Deena Cortese was mom-shamed by irate social media users over her three-day-old son’s controversial outfit.