Jimmy Kimmel finds out if Millennials are able to read an analogue clock

Jimmy Kimmel finds out if Millennials are able to read an analogue clock

Can you read an analogue clock?

To a lot of people out there, the answer to this question would be: Well, duh! However, if Jimmy Kimmel's latest 'Can You Do It?' segment is anything to go by, it isn't as obvious as we initially thought.

On last night's Jimmy Kimmel Live, the TV host explained that when he was a kid, people learned how to tell time on an analogue clock in school. But times have changed and most young'uns get the time from their iPhone or another digital clock - so, what does this mean for the Millenial generation as a whole?

Jimmy Kimmel Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live

Inspired to look into this further, the 51-year-old sent a member of staff to go out on the street and ask young people what time it was.

The results of this experiment are likely to make many adults worry for the future of the United States, with many young'uns unable to come back with the right answer.

One girl in the segment looked fearful as she was asked to read an analogue clock and immediately exclaimed: "Oh no!" After looking at the clock for two seconds, she told the interviewer in no uncertain terms "No."

Cringe as you watch the youth of America make a dog's dinner out of telling the time:

One young woman was an hour away from the correct time, while another refused to speak on camera to her university teachers, admitting they would be disappointed in her.

Another man made a complete mess out of telling the time, before looking completely bewildered as he was asked: "AM or PM?"

Of course, it must be acknowledged that the editing process likely cut out several Millenials who could read a clock very well indeed.

Jimmy Kimmel Live Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live

Nonetheless, it sparked outrage online, with many wondering why people couldn't use an analogue clock anymore.
"Where the hell did you find these people? People still wear analog watches on their hands, you know. This is not an ancient thing lol," wrote Youtuber John Doe.

Marscha P wasn't impressed either, writing "Something is hella wrong with the US," while Jessica J asked: "Are you kidding me?? People are becoming brainless sheep 😣".

Jimmy Kimmel Live Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live

However, Mango Trailers disagreed, saying: "We cant [sic] judge them when they literally never see those clocks. I expected them to give up. They didn't. They did fine! [Excecpt [sic] for maybe am pm dude...]"

This channel was backed up by Youtuber K It who claimed there was foul play going on, stating: "They must've only showed [sic] the people who couldn't do lol".

Does the video reflect badly on America's youth? Or does it make sense that young people can't use an analogue clock, given they rarely have the opportunity? I don't know about you, but I'm clocking out on this debate.