'John Wick' director teases that Chapter 4 is already in the works

'John Wick' director teases that Chapter 4 is already in the works

The John Wick series was a big surprise in a lot of ways. What could have been just another revenge movie turned out to have both incredible action comedy and a unique personality. John Wick 2 doubled down on this strange world of assassins, and it looks like John Wick Chapter 3 is giving us even more of it.

Watch the trailer for John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum

Keanu Reeves has previously been open about the possibility of another John Wick movie after this one rounds out the trilogy, but nothing has ever been set in stone. Though there has been no official announcement of the sequel to this week's big release, John Wick director Chad Stahelski has hinted that there may be one in the works.

Before the release of Parabellum on Friday, the director took part in a Reddit AMA. As well as claiming he'd "discussed several projects with" Jackie Chan, he also touched on the possibility of a sequel - as long as this one makes enough money at the box office. Then he let something slip, when he was asked which of the John Wick films were the most difficult to make.

"1 was difficult because we didn’t understand what we wanted to do, quite," the director wrote. "Number 2, we had to map up a whole world we didn’t think of before. 3, how do we expand and get the audience something creative, not just bigger and cooler. Number 4, I’m certain, will be more difficult.”

Stahelski has spoken about the possibility of a fourth John Wick movie before, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly from 2018, in which he said:

"I enjoy making these movies because there’s no limit. We create our own mythology, and we have a studio that both stays out of our way and supports us on the wacky decisions. If people go see the movie, and it makes money, and they came back to us, Keanu and I have ideas for days."

First up, Reeves is going to be starring in another sequel, after he confirmed they're working on a third instalment of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.

The actor recently talked about Bill & Ted in an interview with Stephen Colbert

Stahelski got into the directing game in the first place because of years of work in action movies, even working as the stunt double for Reeves in The Matrix films. In fact, he recently spoke about another rumoured sequel last week, when he confirmed that the Wachowskis were returning to The Matrix movies for a fourth entry.