Kaley Cuoco hilariously trolled by 'Big Bang Theory' co-star

Kaley Cuoco hilariously trolled by 'Big Bang Theory' co-star

When two people who used to date are now just friends, they can often take pleasure in playfully trolling or mocking one another. Maybe it's because you know the other person so well, but sometimes it's simply impossible to resist being a little bit cheeky sometimes.

For example, this week Former Big Bang Theory actress Kaley Cuoco has been hilariously trolled by her ex co-star (and ex-boyfriend) Johnny Galecki on Instagram.

Watch Kaley's Golden Globes video that Galecki savagely trolled:

Kaley was vlogging in her new video series, entitled 'Cup of Cuoco' on her official Instagram channel, where she was discussing all the hard work from the camera crews which goes into making the Golden Globes award show so spectacular. She also gave her followers another video update on her new drama, The Flight Attendant.

However, it seems as though her former castmate was more than a little bit flippant about her video series, and didn't seem to have finished the video in its entirety. Galecki was spotted writing in the comments: "Someday I'll make it through an entire one of these. I swear. XO. [sic]"


Johnny Galecki Instagram comment. Credit: Instagram/@kaleycuoco

This isn't the first time Kaley's ex has publically trolled her on social media either. Last month, Johnny asked Kaley if she would ever consider to taking a hiatus from social media, commenting on one of her Cup of Cuoco videos that: "I kinda enjoyed the absence. Please let me know once you plan the next. Thank you. XO."

Take a look at this behind-the-scenes documentary all about the Big Bang Theory finale: 

However, despite their clearly vitriolic friendship, it's clear that Johnny and Kaley really do care about one another. If you don't believe me, then check out this video she shared about the emotional last-ever Big Bang Theory table read.