Keanu Reeves has 'always wanted' to play Constantine again

Keanu Reeves has 'always wanted' to play Constantine again

If you haven't already heard, Keanu Reeves is killing it right now.

From his box office hit John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum, to his status as the new face of fashion house Saint Laurent, to his viral photoshoot that made Twitter's loins burn, it's fair to say the 54-year-old isn't doing bad.

But, when someone is flying high, it doesn't mean they don't look back on the past wistfully - even if you're Keanu!

Haven't seen John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum yet? Check out the trailer here:

For example, just this week, The Matrix actor revealed there is a previous role that he's always wanted to return to - and that is John Constantine!

All the way back in 2005, the star played suicide survivor and demon hunter John Constantine who had a one-way ticket to Satan's realm unless he earned enough goodwill to climb God's stairway to heaven.

Speaking on Variety‘s new movie podcast, The Big Ticket, Keanu revealed: "I’ve always wanted to play John Constantine again. I just love that world, too, and I love that character. I just had a blast playing a character and [playing] in that world."

An image of actor Keanu Reeves. Credit: Getty

While you have to admit Matt Ryan did a pretty good job playing Constantine in the most recent adaption, we'd love to see Keanu onscreen as the troubled cynic once again!

But Constantine isn't the only thing the Knock Knock actor wishes he could have again. In fact, just a few days ago, he admitted that he had a big crush on Speed co-star Sandra Bullock!

Appearing on The Ellen Degeneres Show, he watched a 2018 clip in which the actress confesses she had a thing for Keanu while they filmed the movie.

"It was hard for me to really be serious because he would look at me and I'd be like [giggle]," she told the host, adding that they never dated, so there must have been something about her "that he didn't like".

If only they'd both known! Keanu Reeves had a crush on Sandra Bullock while they were filming Speed too - hear him speak out about his feelings here:

When the clip concluded, Reeves said he didn't know that the Miss Congeniality star had a crush on him and fessed up to his own feelings.

"She obviously didn't know that I had a crush on her, either," he said, to the screams of the audience. In an attempt to remain professional, he added: "It was nice to go to work. She's such a wonderful person."

Now there's a couple we'd love to see! But fear not - if anyone can make these things happen, it's Keanu.