Heartbreaking moment teen is told about mom’s death on live TV during talent show

Heartbreaking moment teen is told about mom’s death on live TV during talent show

We're always told that anything can happen on live TV, but I'm certain the viewers of this show never expected to see such a heartbreaking scene unfold in front of the cameras...

A 14-year-old teenager called Jannah had been taking part on a local TV talent show called Liga Dangdut, in which she had hoped to win the $50,000 cash prize in order to transform her life for the better.

But rather than spend it on vacations, gadgets or a new car like most teens would, Jannah was actually competing for money in order to pay for her mother’s diabetes treatment.

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After being told that she would be advancing to the next stage of the competition, Jannah called her family in order to give them the good news, but unfortunately, the teen was instead given the worst news of her life.

During the phone call, the young singer was informed by her uncle that her mother had passed away. Per news.com.au, it is reported Jannah's mother died of a suspected heart attack.

During the call, Jannah's uncle tells her that her mother would want her to be strong and take care of the family. He then explained that despite how much the family loved her, Allah loved her more and had called for her.

Jannah is then reduced to tears and covers her face with her hands, as the emotional judges embrace her.

You can watch the emotional moment below:

According to news.com.au, the clip was shared online by the YouTube channel Indosiar and has amassed since amassed more than 2 million views - with many well-wishers praising Jannah's strength in the comments section.

The clip was also shared by singer Azim Kamaruzzaman, along with the caption (translated): "Only 14 years old and already through to the next round of Liga Dangdut Indonesia 2020. In that moment, she was happy and wanted to share the good news with her family, but her uncle had some very bad news. Her mother had passed away just a few minutes before. Heartbreaking."

Since the footage aired, a courageous Jannah has taken to Instagram with an uplifting post, uploading a selfie along with the caption: "Keep on smiling, hopefully, you will smile in heaven too".

Despite her devastating news, Jannah is still in the competition and in with a chance of winning. Well, now the entire world is behind you. Good luck, Jannah!