Netflix viewers are struggling to process disturbing documentary 'Tell Me Who I Am'

Netflix viewers are struggling to process disturbing documentary 'Tell Me Who I Am'

A disturbing new documentary has dropped on Netflix, entitled Tell Me Who I Am, which has seemingly left viewers shocked to their cores.

The documentary film tells the story of two identical twins: Alex and Marcus Lewis. In 1982, Alex woke up from a three-month-long coma after being involved in an automobile collision while riding his motorcycle.

Check out the trailer for 'Tell Me Who I Am' below:

As a result of the brain damage he sustained, Alex was diagnosed with long-term amnesia. There was only one thing he remembered of his past: the face of his twin.

Alex uses painting and conversations with Marcus to try to reconstruct his fractured memories of the past. But in doing so, he uncovers a dark family secret about his and his sibling's childhoods.

This emotionally-devastating movie has had a profound effect upon a lot of people, who have taken to social media to praise it:

Commenting on the documentary in a recent interview with TIME magazine, director Ed Perkins stated: "It played out like a psychological thriller. And yet it was true. I was fascinated by the themes of brotherhood, the blurring of fact and fiction, memory and the question of who we are if we lose our memory."

He continued: "We were able to spend a lot of time just building a relationship of trust, and that’s been so helpful to creating an environment where they felt they could have conversations in a way they hadn’t before. It’s been a real journey. There were a number of times when Alex and Marcus pulled out of the project."

Take a look at the trailer for another documentary, Abducted in Plain Sight: 

He added: "They’re amazing fathers and husbands. It’s very inspiring for me to see people who have gone through more than you’d wish on anybody and yet resolutely refuse to be defined as victims. I really hope audiences are left with a feeling of hopefulness."

Tell Me Who I Am is available to stream on Netflix right now.