New TV adaption of Stephen King's 'The Outsider' is gripping viewers

New TV adaption of Stephen King's 'The Outsider' is gripping viewers

There's no doubt that Stephen King is one of the most-adapted authors of all time, and it's hard to name one of his many, many novels or short stories that haven't been adapted for film or TV.

For example, think about IT, The Shining, Carrie, Misery, The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, and The Mist, which have all become horror classics in their own right. But now a new TV series from HBO, based on one of King's lesser-known texts, has premiered and is apparently terrifying viewers at home.

The chilling trailer for The Outsider will send shivers down your spine: 

The Outsider, a ten-part miniseries from HBO and Sky Atlantic, aired its first two episodes last weekend and, is already boasting a rating of 9.1 on the Internet Move Database.

The series tells the story of a grisly murder and rape of a child in a small town in Oklahoma. All evidence seems to finger Little League coach Terry Maitland (played by Ozark star Jason Bateman) as the culprit.

Maitland is promptly arrested, even though he repeatedly insists he was out of town at the time of the victim's death. As Ralph Anderson (Ben Mendleson) and Cynthia Erivo (Holly Gibney) delve into the case, they discover that something uncanny might be ultimately responsible...

Stephen King discusses the adaptation of his creepy novel in this awesome featurette:

The show's official synopsis states: "This dark mystery follows a seemingly straightforward investigation into the gruesome murder of a young boy. The crime, however, leads a seasoned cop and an unorthodox investigator to question everything they believe to be real, as an insidious supernatural force edges its way into the case."

Personally, I can't wait to check this out when I get the chance, although I still have to rewatch the Stephen King Netflix movie In The Tall Grass first.