Presenter is left in tears on live TV after guest's glamorous makeover goes horribly 'wrong'

Presenter is left in tears on live TV after guest's glamorous makeover goes horribly 'wrong'

The greatest feature of live TV for many is the fact that things can go wrong. Whether it's a contestant on a talent show gloriously falling off the stage mid-song, or perhaps somebody receiving a terrible makeover and not being able to hide their hate for it.

One woman recently received the latter on an episode of British daytime show This Morning, in a car-crash segment that left one presenter in tears, but everybody else in hysterics.

After being 'made over' by a panel of fashion, hair, and makeup experts, 'guest' Carol Elliott took to set dressed in an unflattering pink dress, white cowgirl boots, and fitted with false eyelashes and nails, the couldn't hide her horror.

This is the moment Carol saw herself in the mirror, and everything started to go very 'wrong': 

In the clip above, Holly and co-host Phillip Schofield can be seen attempting to comfort Elliot, who, seemingly hating her makeover beyond words, bursts into tears and asks for the crew to stop filming the show.

After comforting Elliot with the aid of her husband, the hosts hand her a bouquet of flowers and tell her that a posh meal has been arranged for them in central London. However, when her car crashes on its way out of the studio, causing smoke to erupt from the bumper, Willoughby can't hide her shock and covers her mouth with her hands.

And despite the incident taking place on April 1st (notably before midday...), viewers of the show were equally horrified by what appeared to be, quite literally, a glorious example of car crash TV:

Then, Schofield finally turns to Willoughby and says, "April fool!"

Realizing that she'd fallen for it hook, line, and sinker, she almost swears before saying: "I can't tell you, that was so awful. I'm so relieved it wasn't real."

Willoughby, however, wasn't the only person was fooled by the prank:

Elliot and her husband were indeed played by actors. Well played, This Morning. Well played.