Sigourney Weaver says she'll return for 'Ghostbusters 3' alongside original cast members

Sigourney Weaver says she'll return for 'Ghostbusters 3' alongside original cast members

Despite having a talented cast, Paul Feig's 2016 Ghostbusters reboot failed to connect with fans and underperformed at the box office. Some critics blamed the unprecedented backlash on sexism, while others blamed the film's quality. Unlike successful reboots like Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Ghostbusters 2016 ignored the original movies, bringing back the old cast to play new characters in short cameos, not to reprise their iconic roles.

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But don't despair, Ghostbusters fans! Jason Reitman, the son of the late original Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman, is directing a proper sequel set in the same universe as the first two films. "This is the next chapter in the original franchise,” Reitman told Entertainment Weekly. "It is not a reboot. What happened in the ‘80s happened in the ‘80s, and this is set in the present day." (They even dropped a surprise teaser trailer, to slime the skeptics.)

Reitman (Juno, Up In The Air) and Gil Kenan (Monster House, Poltergeist) wrote the script for the threequel. Details on the story are scarce, but reportedly they are casting four teenage actors (two boys and two girls) to play the main roles. The confirmed cast includes Carrie Coon (Fargo, Avengers: Infinity War) as a mother of two children played by Finn Wolfhard (Stranger Things) and Mckenna Grace (Annabelle Comes Home).

sigourney weaver in ghostbusters Credit: Sony

The family in the new film reportedly has a connection to the original Ghostbusters, which would explain the Ecto-1 car in the teaser. But will the movie feature any original Ghostbusters actors as their old characters? According to an interview with Parade, yes! Sigourney Weaver told the outlet said she's returning as hauntee Dana Barrett ,and is "set to reunite with Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd." "It’s going to be crazy working with the guys again!" she said.

Ghostbusters Credit: Sony

As of this writing, Sony Pictures and Jason Reitman have not confirmed Weaver's claim. Out of the surviving cast, one assumes Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson and Annie Potts would be down. Bill Murray, of course, is a wild card, since he notoriously held out on agreeing to Ghostbusters 3 for years. Also, Rick Moranis is a question mark, since he's on a lengthy hiatus from acting, However, he did recently reprise Dark Helmet on The Goldbergs.

This weekend Sony is hosting Ghostbusters Fan Fest at its studio lot in Culver City, California so perhaps more information is imminent. In the meantime, don't cross the streams!