Simon Cowell 'storms out' of Britain’s Got Talent auditions after man paints him with his penis

Simon Cowell 'storms out' of Britain’s Got Talent auditions after man paints him with his penis

The auditions for the 14th series Britain's Got Talent are underway, and you'd think after this many years the judges would have seen it all - but apparently not.

Having sat through some of the most death-defying stunts and mind-boggling magic tricks the world has ever seen, you'd have to imagine Simon Cowell would be pretty desensitized to most things by now.

However, per the Metro, the most recent auditions came to an abrupt halt when one BGT hopeful - artist Tim Patch - caused Simon Cowell to storm off stage when the auditionee starting painting a portrait of the head judge... using his penis.

Check out Patch's audition on Sweden's Got Talent below:

Yes, you read that right, Patch - who goes by the nickname "Pricasso" - reportedly walked onto the BGT stage wearing just a pink thong and cowboy hat. The unique artist then proceeded to paint a picture of Simon and fellow judge David Walliams using his member as the brush.

But rather than find Patch's act funny, Simon hit his buzzer and stormed off - either from pure shock or frustration at the 70-year-old's performance.

Meanwhile, judges Alesha Dixon and Amanda Holden joined hosts Ant & Dec on the stage in order to get a closer look, reports The Sun.

David Walliams then reported exclaimed to the room:  "This show has taken a dark turn. We’ve lost Simon, he’s gone home".

The tabloid also reported that a source at the theatre said: "He was the last act of the night - so Simon, after pressing his buzzer, just left because it was the end of the evening."

However, this is not the first time Pricasso has taken his skills to a TV talent show, having already auditioned for Australia's Got Talent last year - causing Judge Nicole Scherzinger to exclaim: "That is a lot to take in! He’s really painting with his willy!"

As well as AGT, Patch has also auditioned for Sweden's Got Talent, the audition of which can be found above.