The internet is crying at these behind-the-scenes shots of films that used special effects

The internet is crying at these behind-the-scenes shots of films that used special effects

Not all movies hold up after the years go by. The massive developments that have been made in technology have seen us go from stop-motion model work and painted backdrops to alien worlds that look completely real. Sure, it's easy to notice how fake some films look after a couple of years have passed and it gets out of date, but we have definitely entered an era in which the most outlandish of concepts can finally make their way onto the big screen.

Yet, while the likes of Avatar can effectively create immersive worlds with computer-generated trickery, there's a vast difference between what audiences experience in movie theaters and what it is like to actually be on set.

The entire production is going to feel different regardless, as an emotional scene is filmed countless times, and sex scenes become quite awkward when you've got dozens of crewmembers staring your way. And when it comes to visual effects, actors are often forced to act with a ball on a stick and pretend it's a fantastical creature, which must be a truly bizarre experience.

Most of the blockbusters that land in the top 10 in recent years rely heavily on green screen, replacing backgrounds or even characters in post-production. However cool it ends up looking, that means a lot of people wearing ridiculous morphsuits as part of the process, which looks pretty damn funny if you get the chance to glimpse it.

In a series of tweets, the writer and photojournalist Sara Salamat compiled a collection of behind-the-scenes shots from CGI-heavy movies, and it looks utterly ridiculous. In the first tweet she wrote "can i say actors who act in these studio settings with full emotion are the most talented people" - and she's not wrong.

In the first images she shared, you can see a shot from Guardians of the Galaxy, in which Drax comforts Rocket. We all knew that the talking raccoon wasn't real, but not many of us were thinking Dave Bautista would be stroking an adult man's head during the filming.

Similarly, the shot of what Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee looked like behind the scenes end up not being funny, but kind of terrifying - and look incredibly uncomfortable for the actors too.

Next up was the Twilight series, which continued the tradition of professional actors doing their best to keep a straight face while stroking the back of a bloke's head.

It doesn't get easier even in these dramatic scenes, in which you can see Daenerys' dragon Drogon reduced to something a lot less intimidating, and the Beast looking like an extremely bulky conspiracy theorist weirdo next to Belle.

It only gets worse when you see the stand-in for the tiger in Life of Pi...

And the times it was easier to use a green screen than film on location:

Face it, it's going to be very different watching Game of Thrones now, with the image of Emilia Clarke on that gigantic green bucking bronco in our heads.