The Jurassic Park Trilogy is now on Netflix

The Jurassic Park Trilogy is now on Netflix

When a tyrannosaurus rex stormed into a zoo to roar at a lion at the end of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, audiences could be forgiven for never wanting to see dinosaurs on the big screen again.

With these latest reboots of the Jurassic Park franchise generally failing to capture the energy of the first three films, it can be pretty tempting to go back to the original films (not to mention the Michael Crichton books on which they're based) to understand just why people fell in love with the Jurassic Park franchise.

Here's the trailer for the last Jurassic World film, to jog your memory:

But now, thanks to Netflix, that might be a little bit easier than you might have expected.

The online streaming giant has announced that the original trilogy of Jurassic films - starring the likes of Sam Neill, Vince Vaughn, Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum (amongst others) - is on its way to Netflix this Easter for us to once again learn the folly of science and technology, only to eschew all those lessons in the name of some sweet murder reptiles.

Netflix themselves confirmed the news in a tweet, in the process bringing back one of the original movie's enduring quotes.

"Our scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should. But they did," Netflix said in confirming the news, before adding: "between this and Our Planet, we're feeling rather grateful for the work of the Attenborough brothers rn."

As you might have guessed, people are... pretty excited to have the original Jurassic Park trilogy on their screens, ready to be viewed at a moment's stream. "Brilliant stuff, perfect for Easter time off, definitely putting on for the next generation of dinosaur lovers," said @QuatroMcGuire20.

"This caption made me wanna binge now," added , while @elisekate90 said "about effing time!"

Meanwhile, Twitter user @isaura_bb has a pretty novel way to consume the trilogy. This one's for you ladies:

"LADIES if a dude has treated you badly, instead of watching a romcom, may I suggest Jurassic Park (isson netflix) and every time a dinosaur chomps down on a dude remember that all the dinosaurs are women and feel AVENGED. They are in your side. Also, Laura Dern."

Well, folks, if you were looking for something to do during your Easter weekend binge of chocolate, I think you've probably got at least part of your schedule sorted. So this weekend, prepare to experience Jeff Goldblum at peak Jeff Goldblum.

...There's also Jurassic Park 3.