'The Walking Dead' actor says he's down for a 'Breaking Bad' crossover

'The Walking Dead' actor says he's down for a 'Breaking Bad' crossover

You wouldn't think that there's much of a connection between The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad from the outset. One is a realistic tale of an average family man's descent into criminal dealings and moral corruption, while the other is about how a band of people fight for survival in the midst of the zombie apocalypse. However, the internet has found a few connections.

Many fan theorists got hung up on the idea that the two AMC shows could be connected by something other than their network. Some suggested that Breaking Bad is set in the same universe, just years before the zombie outbreak. Others went one step further, putting forward the notion that Walter White's blue crystal meth could be somehow responsible for the undead infection.

There are also lots of small details that line up the two shows that eagle-eyed fans. For instance, the car that Walt buys for his son in season four of Breaking Bad is practically identical to the one driven by Glenn in the first season of The Walking Dead.

Plus, one episode of the spin-off series Fear the Walking Dead featured Madison (Kim Dickens) and Qualtega (Michael Greyeyes) in a market, where the song 'Negro y Azul: The Ballad of Heisenberg' plays, a song from the crime drama's second season.

The showrunner, Dave Ericksen confirmed it was placed their intentional, according to Digital Spy.

“I tried to be subtle with it. That was probably the moment when I fell the most deeply in love with Breaking Bad, when they did that cold open music video,” he said. "As we were looking for pieces to incorporate into this world, it had the right vibe to it. It's a gentle nod of admiration and adoration to [Breaking Bad creator] Vince Gilligan."

So far, much of the evidence can also be seen as subtle easter eggs rather than an explicit connection, but now one of the actors from The Walking Dead has expressed his desire to take part in a crossover between the two shows.

Seth Gilliam, who plays Gabriel Stokes in the show, recently spoke with Seriously, where he commented on the theory:

"I gotta check the timelines on that, let’s see if the timelines work out. I like the mashup, I like the crossover idea. It’s both in the AMC world. Why not?’"

The theory has also been name-dropped by other people behind the zombie drama, such as producer Gale Ann Hurd. During the Fear the Walking Dead Comic Con panel, she was asked what caused the virus, and joked, "the meth from Breaking Bad for sure."

Robert Kirkman, who wrote the comics on which the series is based, added: "That’s canon, it’s confirmed!"

However, don't expect the show or the still-running comics to address the source of the zombie virus. Kirkman has said before that it's "not an important aspect of the story" that he is telling. "If we were to do a companion to The Walking Dead and it was about a bunch of scientists that were working to find the cure and finding out the origins, that would bore me to tears,’ he said.

But who knows - maybe we'll get to see a zombified Jesse Pinkman one of these days?