This observation about 'Harry Potter' will change the way you look at the series forever

This observation about 'Harry Potter' will change the way you look at the series forever

It's more than a decade on from the last book release and we're still talking about Harry Potter. Pretty incredible right? Especially when you consider the fact that, almost every day, new theories pop up, fans, Quidditch World Cups are planned, university students study the novels, people recreate the sets and fans plague J.K. Rowling with questions about the finer details of the wizarding world.  Did you know that a recent study even determined that reading the books about the boy wizard makes you a better person? You don't have to tell us twice!

When J.K. Rowling first had that idea while delayed on the train from Manchester to London Kings Cross back in 1990, she sure gave us a lot to think about. The most recent debate? Is the Boy Who Lived a nerd or a jock?

Posed on Reddit, this is the question that caused a massive stir on the internet recently, with the person who asked it soon becoming responsible for changing the way that a lot of people saw the fantasy series.

So, let's delve in, Potterheads.

The controversy was sparked when Redditor posted in the r/ShowerThoughts sub saying: "Harry Potter isn't a nerd, he is a jock. He didnt try very hard in school, cheated on homework constantly, was a sports star, and ended up joining the police/military".

While some Redditors immediately rejected the idea, insisting that the awkward boy wizard with green eyes and glasses was unpopular in school, a teacher's pet and the victim of bullying from 'cool boy' Draco Malfoy.

However, soon enough, the evidence was stacking up against them, with many people online asserting that the son of Lily and James Potter was anything but a nerd, pointing out that Harry often went on wild missions, brewed illegal substances on school premises and broke school curfews.

"He's also rich as hell and married his high school girlfriend," argued Reddit user NightWillReign, while Redditor Voiddreamer went all out and named the Hogwarts student "a trust fund baby".

Things became even more heated when a Redditor named Charishard called out the whole thread, stating: "I don't think anyone considers Harry to be a nerd...probably not a Potter fan." This user was back up by fellow Redditor GeneralJustice21, who argued: "It is actually the whole purpose to show him being the weird kid in the muggle world but basically a hero in the “real” world. It is indeed a weird shower thought as the whole intent there is to show that there opened up a world where he isn’t the weird nerdy guy".

So, which side are you on? Was Harry just a geek who rose up to be the hero of the hour? Or was the boy who lived really the boy jock in disguise? We've been left with a lot to think about after this Reddit thread...