Trailer for HBO's 'I love you, now die' is here

Trailer for HBO's 'I love you, now die' is here

Many were gripped by the case of the 18-year-old Conrad Roy after his girlfriend was charged with culpability in his suicide a few years back. Now, the unusual tale is making its way to HBO by way of a two-part documentary series.

The documentary will show snippets of conversations which took place between the two teenagers, some of which involved the then-17-year-old Michelle Carter appearing to encourage him to go through with completing suicide.

The series, titled 'I Love You, Now Die: The Commonwealth v. Michelle Carter', covers the relationship between the pair leading up to the manslaughter case.

Michelle Carter Texting Suicide Trial Credit: Getty

"The film presents a well-rounded look at a bizarre tale that was a deadly convergence of mental illness, loneliness, pop culture and technology," HBO said of the project.

They also released a trailer for the upcoming documentary, which delves into the trial in which Carter was charged with involuntary manslaughter.

Here's the new trailer for the chilling documentary

The couple reportedly fell in love in 2012, though they only met in person five times during a long-distance relationship. The documentary delves into the thousands of texts they exchanged over two years, before the fatal ones were sent.

His death appeared to be suicide by carbon-monoxide intoxication, but soon enough messages were found that incriminated Carter. The case eventually found that she had caused the death when she instructed Roy to return to his truck, which was filling with toxic gas, when he was having second thoughts.

Though she appealed the charges, Carter was found guilty in August 2017, and was ordered to begin serving her jail sentence earlier this year.

Roy’s immediate family are set to be included in the documentary, as well as Carter’s defence attorney Joseph Cataldo, expert witness Dr. Peter Breggin, and the detectives and journalists who covered the case.

The docu-series is set to premiere on July 9 at 8PM.