TV presenter shuts down fans screaming for her to get naked

TV presenter shuts down fans screaming for her to get naked

A video of a television presenter has gone viral this week after she shut down the catcalls of football fans while covering a match in front of the camera.

Check out the footage of the incident in the video below: 

Italian model and presenter, Diletta Leotta, was covering a soccer match held at Stadio San Paolo. The presenter had been forced to endure obscene and lewd taunts from rowdy football fans supporting Napoli FC.

The jeering men were allegedly demanding that the showbiz personality strip for them in public, and shouted a number of other cries. Undaunted by their remarks, Leotta was filmed marching off the pitch and shutting her provocateurs down in the best possible way.

The 28-year-old woman wagged her finger at her onlookers, before treating them to a thumbs-down and a shake of the head, clearly showing her exasperation at the juvenile behaviour of the vocal minority.

Sadly, the issue of the sexism faced by female participants and pundits in sports, both on and off the pitch, has become a hot-button topic over the last few years.

Recently, sports presenter Jake Humphrey uploaded a video to Twitter, in which he lambasted the culture of objectification faced by female sports presenters.

Humphrey captioned the vid: "The sexism that spews out on social media whenever a female pundit appears on TV is a disgrace. Tonight on #PLTonight, with @rach_brown1 we call it out. Any form of discrimination is is for everyone, it should be empowering our daughters as well as our sons."

It's clear that we still have a way to go as a society before our sports can be played and enjoyed in egalitarian way. But this video shows that many women, such as Diletta Leotta, have simply had enough.