Why Jim Carrey refuses to take selfies with fans

Why Jim Carrey refuses to take selfies with fans

In the old days, being a celebrity meant that you couldn't walk out of your front door without being assailed by fans who wanted an autograph. Celebrities were required to sign their name every time a piece of paper was waved under their nose. However, times change, and these days celebrities are more likely to be asked to say cheese and get a selfie taken with a fan than jot down their name or initials.

One person who doesn't agree with the practice is Liar Liar star Jim Carrey. Indeed, you may have noticed that there are hardly any pictures out there of the Canadian comedian taking a selfie with his fans. However, in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Carrey opened up about why he's against the practice.

Carrey stated: "I dropped the whole trying to be something for somebody a long time ago. I don’t feel there is a pressing responsibility to please everyone. I’m not unkind to people, but I would much prefer saying hello and who are you and what are you doing today to giving a selfie."

"Because selfies stop life ... and then it’s going on Instagram to give people a false sense of relevance. Everybody was so gaga about Steve Jobs, but I picture him in hell running from demons who want a selfie."

Carrey went on to talk about his complicated relationship with fame, stating: "[It's] a tough thing to deal with. People create your life. They take elements that are true and they put it in an article so that article looks legit, and yet there's so much of the article that isn't true. So that's something to teach you that, Hey, you know what? In order to go forward, I have to let go of what this creation is."

But Carrey isn't the first celebrity to take an unconventional approach to phone etiquette. Lately, people have noticed that Keanu Reeves always respectfully keeps his distance when taking pics with female fans.