You can now send your true love a 'Nightmare Before Christmas' bouquet in a miniature coffin

You can now send your true love a 'Nightmare Before Christmas' bouquet in a miniature coffin

The Nightmare Before Christmas - the classic stop-motion animation created by Tim Burton and directed by Henry Sellick - is the perfect movie for Christmas and Halloween.

It tells the story of Jack Skellington, the King of a world based around the scary holiday of Halloween, who becomes enchanted when he discovers Christmas instead. Skellington hijacks Christmas, kidnapping Saint Nick and becoming Santa himself, which leads to trouble.

An image from the Nightmare Before Christmas. Credit: Getty

The juxtaposition of Christmas and Halloween imagery was an inspired idea, and now fans of the movie can combine it with another holiday: Valentine's Day. Yes, you can now get a gothic Nightmare Before Christmas' bouquet for your loved one, which is perfect for fans of the film.

The bouquet was created by the upscale flower arrangement and delivery company Roseshire. When you order yourself one of these babies, you get a collection of beautiful, bone-white, roses, along with some spikey thistles, in a box that looks like an actual coffin. Pretty dark, right?

On Roseshire's official online store, the product's item description states: "This exclusive coffin-shaped ensemble holds 20 roses and an exotic thistle that's inspired by Sally and Jack Skellington from a scene in the movie. This collector's piece takes almost an hour to build from scratch, but is worth all-time for the ultimate Nightmare experience! [sic]"

However, there is one downside; this bouquet is pretty expensive. When you order something this bespoke, it doesn't come cheap, and the smallest boxes start at $59. However, most of the collections are between $175-$200, and the Nightmare boquet will set you back $205.

Watch the trailer for the Nightmare Before Christmas below: 

Not only that but the shipping costs an additional $35, and it can vary depending on where you’re shipping your roses to. There are other Disney-themed collections to choose from, also, including specially-made bouquets for Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Alice in Wonderland, Snow White, The Little Mermaid, and Cinderella.

So if you've got the cash and want to make a Disney fan very happy, then why not splash out on one? They're the perfect gift for Halloween, Christmas or an anniversary.