Gillian Anderson celebrates new series of Sex Education with selfie

Gillian Anderson celebrates new series of Sex Education with selfie

Netflix’s cult teen sex dramedy “Sex Education” came back with a bang this week, dropping on the streaming service on Friday night. The internet was understandably excited about returning to Moordale High School, and no one more so than series’ star Gillian Anderson. 

The 51-year-old screen legend became a fan favourite thanks to her excruciatingly frank exchanges with awkward son Otis during season one, and viewers have been eagerly anticipating her return to the role of professional sex therapist Dr Jean F. Milburn. It looks like Anderson herself is all too aware of her character’s popularity, demonstrated by a recent on-brand selfie shared to her Instagram account. 

Check out the official trailer for Sex Education season 2:

In a post on the 16th of January, Anderson shared a photo of herself reclining on a sunlit leather settee, accompanied by the caption, “1 more day until this post shag glow. @sexeducation.” In just two days, the snap has garnered over 84,000 likes. 

Fans were quick to praise the pic, with one writing, “We LOVE your show!!!! Can’t wait to laugh with you again!!!!” and another adding, “Oh my god how can you look so good.”

In a recent interview with Vogue, Anderson revealed just how fond she is of Dr Jean’s character, revealing:

“I definitely had more to play with this season. What I love about Jean is that she’s so shameless when it comes to anything to do with intimacy, unless it’s actually having intimate relations with a potential partner herself.”

“She has no boundaries, she’s uncontained and inappropriate but she’s also full of contradictions. She’s a sex and relationships therapist who rummages through her son’s drawers.”

“The other thing I wanted to explore was what happens sometimes when we women get older. You can get more scattered and eccentric and there is an element of menopausal mania.”

Season Two of Sex Education is streaming on Netflix now.