Halsey responds to fans who thought she had announced her pregnancy

Halsey responds to fans who thought she had announced her pregnancy

Trying to decipher cryptic posts on a celebrity's social media page is a fool's errand, and a taxing one at that. For every bit of news or genuine scandal out there, there's maybe six or seven that turn out to be endorsements for their latest business venture, but the lure of the early scoop is too much for some to resist.

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That's at least part of the reason that fans flocked to the Twitter page of Halsey, but to be fair, she did post a super cryptic tweet last night that was "unrelated to the album" - she announced late last year that she's in the process of making her third studio album.

"Some of you are gonna explode," she tantalisingly tweeted at her 10 million followers, so who could honestly blame us for getting all excited about her upcoming announcement? But for some reason, fans all thought that the announcement was to do with an upcoming pregnancy.

Why? Who knows, but that didn't stop Twitter melting down for a hot minute.

But after her original tweet had already been retweeted around 1,500 times, Halsey swiftly stepped in to tell us that no, she was not pregnant. Nor was she trying to conceive, or anything like that. Nope: Halsey stepped in to set the record straight in her own unique way.

"People think my last tweet is me hinting I’m pregnant," she responded, "which means I’m either: a. gaining weight, b. acting weirder than usual. jokes on u, I’m doing BOTH! however STILL not pregnant!" Well, there's that, then.

But if she's not pregnant now, does Halsey have any plans to get pregnant any time soon? Well, she broke up with boyfriend G Eazy last year after about a year of dating, and although it's rumoured that she's now seeing Yorkshire singer Yungblud, it's probably quite unlikely the two are expecting a child when they've not even gone official yet.

Still, don't rule it out.

Well, one thing we can expect from Halsey in 2019 is a new album at some point. "I’m going to go make a new album," she explained to Ronan Kemp back in December's Jingle Bell Ball Christmas party. "I’ve started doing the pre process, collecting issues and lyrics already."

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After Without Me (reportedly about her breakup with G Eazy), released back in October 2018, Halsey is trying out something new while recording her latest stuff: "fun". "My new single has made me approach music in a more fun way as I’ve always been so serious," she explained. "I’ve just always taken it too seriously so it’s good to enjoy it again."

Halsey fans will be especially excited for the new album, especially once she debuted her latest song titled 11 Minutes with Yungblud (yup, the same Yungblud she's rumoured to be dating).

In that song, Yungblud says it's all about a relationship taken apart by the pressures of modern society. "We are so distracted and focused on what's next, we can fail to see what is actually in front of us," he explained. "We don't realise how much we need something until it's taken away from us."