Here's the incredibly extra way that the royals sneak in and out of Kensington Palace

Here's the incredibly extra way that the royals sneak in and out of Kensington Palace

The British royal family is probably the most recognisable clan on the planet, and as a result, they are more closely-observed than anyone. Just think about Harry and William: from the moment the two princes were born, the cameras have been aimed at them, and people have followed them through childhood, school, university, and now adulthood. Now William's own children are getting the same treatment from the media. It makes you wonder how they ever manage to get a moment's peace.

Well, according to Hello! magazine, the royals manage to sneak around their castles and palaces by employing a variety of stealthy methods of entering to avoid the unwanted intrusion of camera-flashing paparazzi and tourists. Apparently, when members of the royal family arrive at Kensington Palace, they very rarely use the front door. After all, what would be more obvious than sauntering up to the gilded gates in a chauffeured limousine? Instead, a helicopter will typically land in the grounds of Hyde Park in London. After that, the royals are taken to a waiting car, which takes them home while armed police officers keep them safe on the way.

If you are especially lucky, then you might get to catch a glimpse of the royals arriving, if you happen to be in and around Hyde Park at the same time as them. Although the lawn is cordoned off by a low fence, to deter bystanders from walking too close, the chopper's landing space is open for all to see. For instance, the Queen was most recently spotted flying into Kensington Palaat in the beginning of May to meet her great-grandson Prince Louis; she was pictured emerging from her personal helicopter, carrying flowers as a gift along with her.

A lot of people have been keeping an eye on Kensington Palace in the wake of the recent royal wedding. Prince William and Kate Middleton live there in an expansive 20-bedroom house known as Apartment 1A. This house is split into four storeys, complete with a sitting room, large kitchen, three bedrooms with dressing rooms, three bathrooms and a nursery. This is alongside staff quarters, which come with nine bedrooms, four bathrooms, two kitchens and two sitting rooms. There is also an expansive walled garden there, where Prince George and Princess Charlotte play outdoors.

Kensington Palace was originally a two-storey mansion built by Sir George Coppin in the year 1605, but it was bought by William III in 1689. Since then, it has been extended and repurposed numerous times and has served as a residence for the royal family ever since. Newlyweds Prince Harry and Meghan Markle lived in the residence for a time before their marriage, but the couple have since moved into Nottingham Cottage.