'Home Alone' remake is officially happening, Disney confirms

'Home Alone' remake is officially happening, Disney confirms

Start streaming, ya filthy animals. As Netflix hits the height of their empire, other companies are taking notice and don't want to let them have all the fun. That's why, come November, thousands of television episodes and hundreds of movies will be available on Disney+ in the United States.

First on Disney's list is a remake of Home Alone. The 1990 classic features Macaulay Culkin as Kevin McCallister, an 8-year-old navigating being home alone after his family accidentally leaves him behind for their Paris vacation.

Kevin McCallister is still scarred from being left home alone:

While we don't yet know the premise of the remake, Disney's CEO Bob Iger has shared that the film will be reimagined for a new generation. While Macaulay surely can't play his own young character again, he could appear somewhere in this new iteration, perhaps as one of the burglars?

The Disney remakes don't stop there, however. Disney+ also has big plans for new editions of Night at the Museum, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and Cheaper by the Dozen.

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And if you were a huge fan of The Lion King live action remake, which came out last month, then Lady and the Tramp might be more up your alley. Last year, it was announced that Tessa Thompson would voice Lady and Justin Theroux will voice Tramp in the live-action remake. Instead of being released in theatres, this film is headed straight to Disney+.

But the list keeps going. Allegedly, the new streaming service is also planning to create new shows based in the Marvel Universe and off of Star Wars. But there will also be classics, like every Pixar animated short, all seasons of The Simpsons, and The Princess Bride, amongst others.

All in all, at the end of its first year, Disney+ plans to have over 7,500 TV episodes and more than 400 movies to chose from. Whether you're craving something new, or a timeless classic, you'll be able to find it for only $6.99 per month. Move over Netflix.