How Trump's Situation Room photo compared to Obama's

How Trump's Situation Room photo compared to Obama's

A photograph of Donald Trump's Situation Room has been released to the public, prompting comparisons with President Obama's.

Both pictures were taken during pivotal moments in US history. Trump's during the killings of Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi on Saturday, and Obama's during the killing of Osama Bin Laden in 2011.

In the video below, Trump announces the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi: 

The picture of President Trump's Situation Room was released by the White House on Sunday and features him surrounded by five of his senior national security advisers as they monitored the operation then taking place against al-Baghdadi in Syria.

Each of the six men in the picture is dressed in uniform and can be seen staring sternly at the camera. Cables are scattered across the table and from above Trump's head, the presidental sign can be seen.

Meanwhile, although taken in a similar situation, the picture of President Obama's control room features 13 people, some faces partially visible, but all of them are clearly concerned, with none acknowledging the presence of the camera.

The most expressive face in the shot belongs to Hilary Clinton, the then Secretary of State, who is covering her mouth with her hands. Next to her sits Defense Secretary Robert Gates, whose arms are folded across his chest.

Obama is dressed in a white polo shirt and navy coat and sits forward, staring at the screen. His presidential seal is barely pictured.

This is what social media users had to say when comparing the two pictures.

One of the main criticisms of Trump's picture was that it was allegedly taken after the event had taken place:

Some had questions about the many wires on the table in Trump's picture:

Another standout criticism was the lack of emotion in Trump's Control Room:

Trump did not shy away from comparing the death of Al-Baghdadi to that of Bin Laden either.

"This," he said, is "the biggest there is."