Ice-T speaks out to defend wife for breastfeeding their 3-year-old daughter

Ice-T speaks out to defend wife for breastfeeding their 3-year-old daughter

Rapper Ice-T has been forced to speak out in defense of his wife Coco Austin after she shared a picture breastfeeding their three-year-old daughter on Instagram.

Ice-T smiling. Credit: PA Images

It seems that some people took issue with the fact that Coco Austin was breastfeeding at an age when most women have stopped.

Ice-T, real name Tracy Lauren Marrow, said that there was nothing wrong with what his wife was doing to TMZ, saying that breastfeeding has never been exclusively for babies.

He said that she does it "every once in a while, you know what I'm saying? If she wants to get close to her mum, what's the big deal? She eats food, she eats fucking cheeseburgers."

Coco posted the pictures to Instagram in a bid to "normalize breastfeeding".

Despite still breastfeeding her child as a toddler, Coco explained that she struggled to at first, but was glad that she preserved to have an "unbelievable experience" with her daughter.

Coco wrote: "They told me I dont [sic] want to miss this special moment you have with your child.. health wise and bond wise... I hung in there and now almost 4 years later Chanel still wants the boob."

Coco breastfeeding her child. Credit: Instagram / Coco

"Nap time and night time are our time and I'm lucky she hasn't grown out it yet [sic] because when that moment comes I will be so sad," the 40-year-old continued, "its [sic] the best feeling and ALL mothers that nurse know."

Thankfully, not everyone's reaction to the picture was negative, and other moms praised 40-year-old Coco for starting a discussion about breastfeeding and how some children, like her daughter, want to do it a little longer.

According to the British medical body the NHS, women can breastfeed for as long as their children want them to, though, typically, the frequency, as was the case for Coco, decreases over time.