Insane footage shows a brutal Russian slapping contest

Insane footage shows a brutal Russian slapping contest

Have you ever become so angry that you felt like slapping someone? Even though the grand majority of us aren't particularly violent people, most of us have been there. When we've had a particularly frustrating experience, it's pretty normal to feel like taking it out in a physical manner (even then, I highly recommend getting yourself a punching bag, and not someone's face).

If you've ever felt the urge to slap, but don't have an outlet to express yourself, then I have the perfect contest for you. With this competition, you have someone's full permission to slap them as hard as you want, with no consequences. In fact, you might even win a prize at the end of the day.

I'm talking, of course, about the slapping contents that are going on all across Russia. In a test of strength and endurance, these tournaments see grown men repeatedly slap each other in the face with an open palm, in order to prove who is the strongest.

So, how does one win a slapping contest? The aim of the game is reportedly to slap your opponent in the face until he surrenders, with the contest attracting brave (or foolish, depending on how you look at it) male bodybuilders and power-lifters who believe they have what it takes to win the grand prize. It is unclear if women are able to partake.

The latest painful competition took place on April 29 at the Sarychev Power Expo. Crowds gathered to wince, moan and cringe as they watched multiple Russian men's faces gradually redden. The winner, Yuriy Kuzmin from Nizhny Novgorod, took home a grand prize of 25,000 rubles (roughly £296.50 or $368), later joking on social media that taking home the trophy was "really hard-hitting".

According to reports, Sarychev Power Expo aims to promote power sports, patriotism and the strongest men in Russia. Since being posted online back in early May, a YouTube video of the slapping contest has racked up an incredible 9.3 million views and this number is still going up day by day.

Of course, this isn't the only bizarre competition in the world. Not by far. In fact, the Japanese have one that could easily rival the Russian slapping contest that comes in the form of the Nakizumo festival, this competition sees mammoth sumo wrestlers square up on stage in front of hundreds of thousands of spectators, taking part in a competition to actually make babies cry. The participants employ bewildering tactics to ruffle the babies’ feathers; these include making weird noises or faces at the infant, tickling them, lightly shaking them and shouting "Naki! Naki! Naki!” - "Cry! Cry! Cry!"

For your information, Asia actually has several utterly bonkers festivals. They also have an event where locals on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi dig up their dead relatives, another where the Nepalese give thanks to their dogs and a third festival dedicated solely to penises in Japan.

Is it me, or are the Russians suddenly looking quite normal? I certainly won't be volunteering for the slapping contest anytime soon though.