Justin Bieber hints he wants "BABIES" in birthday message to his wife

Justin Bieber hints he wants "BABIES" in birthday message to his wife

Even if you’re worth millions of dollars with more followers than a minor religion, drippy Instagram posts are still nauseating. Back in the day, you had to go out of your way to find a couple doing something sickening. Today, the PDA stares you in the face as soon as you open your phone. Thank you, social media.

The latest high profile figure to have fans squealing and critics sneering is 25-year-old superstar Justin Bieber. The singing sensation has long had a reputation for polarising the public, but he managed to find a new way to irritate romantic Scrooges with his latest declaration of love for bae. It just goes to show, not even Beebs can get away with excessive public drooling. 

Watch as Justin And Hailey Bieber Treat Their Followers To A Song:

In a post to his Instagram on Friday afternoon, Bieber shared a collection of pictures from his wedding to model and television personality Hailey Baldwin. In a gushing birthday message, the pop icon told his 122 million Instagram followers:

“Happy birthday babes! You make me want to be better everyday! The way you live you life is so attractive.”

Not stopping with a birthday message for his 23-year-old spouse, Bieber went on to drop a hint about his future plans, writing:

“...ps you turn me on in every way 😍😍😍😍 next season BABIES”

TMI is apparently not a thing in Casa del Beebs. 

Unsurprisingly, Baldwin’s birthday wasn’t all about gooey messages. In an earlier Instagram post, Bieber gave fans a glimpse of his wife’s gift by taking them behind the scenes at renowned jeweller Jadelle Beverly Hills, picking up a blingtastic diamond watch. He accompanied the clip with another lovestruck caption, writing:

“had to stop by @jadellebh for Hailey’s birthday gift flooded AP.. ONLY THE BEST FOR MY BOO.”

At the end of the day, if you can stock up on diamond-encrusted watches, jealous singles having a moan on social media is unlikely to bother you.