Millionaire accused of mysoginy after video shows him spanking models on a yacht

Millionaire accused of mysoginy after video shows him spanking models on a yacht

An Italian millionaire has sparked outrage after sharing a video in which he is seen spanking bikini-clad models on his private yacht.

Fifty-one-year-old trust-funder Gianluca Vacchi is no stranger to conversation-worthy content, having forged an infamous reputation as an Instagram playboy-come-party animal, but this recent recording seems to have been a step too far for many fans and has sparked questions around issues of consent and the virtues of the life that he appears to advocate.

Check out the much-contested video below:

The clip in question shows Vacchi dancing and lip-syncing, before descending some steps to meet four waiting women. Vacchi then proceeds to slap the women in time with the music before grabbing one for a dance and executing a rehearsed routine on the deck of the ship.

The 56-second clip, which was uploaded on Friday, has been viewed almost five million times on Instagram alone.

While this type of content is certainly not unusual for Vacchi’s feed, the video does seem to have attracted significant criticism from some members of his following.

One Instagram user commented: "Your money cannot buy the respect and education that you have no idea what it means, enjoying life putting women down it's simply disgusting."

Another made things much more personal, writing, "Very denigrating .. for women .. self-esteem time ... it is a shame that a woman is left denigrated by a dummy with (money) with a total lack of talent .. very hairy."

Credit: Gianluca Vacchi

Vacchi has responded to the criticism, commenting: "I respect [the women] a lot; learn to joke if you wanna respect life."

The motivation behind the video appears to be to promote Vacchi’s latest musical project - 'Mueve' - which can be heard playing in the background.

This is not the first time that Vacchi has used his hedonistic lifestyle to raise the profile of his music, as he employed a similar strategy in the bikini-heavy video for his single 'Trump-It', the lyrics for which consist entirely of "let’s go" being repeated over and over again.

Despite the criticism, it doesn’t look likely that Vacchi’s approach to Instagram will alter any time soon. In addition to the dissenting voices, there were thousands of commenters enthusiastically expressing their support.

Per Business Insider, given that Vacchi has around 13 million Instagram followers and he is able to make as $16750 for a single post on the platform - meaning he might not feel that open to changing his strategy any time soon. Even if some people are starting to label him "very hairy"...