12-year-old wows when Simon Cowell asks her to sing without music on 'America's Got Talent'

12-year-old wows when Simon Cowell asks her to sing without music on 'America's Got Talent'

Most people would break under the pressure of singing in front of Simon Cowell once - but imagine if he stopped your performance and made you start all over again.

That's the situation 12-year-old Ansley Burns found herself in when she recently auditioned for America's Got Talent.

The young girl, from South Carolina, made a bold move in taking on legendary singer, Aretha Franklin's song, Think.

Simon Cowell has Ansley Burns sing Aretha Franklin twice and she nails it:

But while there were no problems whatsoever with her voice, she was stopped mid-performance by music mogul, Simon, who had a major issue with the backing track.

Telling Ansley it wasn't working for her, the 59-year-old said: "It was a horrible, horrible backing track, so I don't think we can judge you properly on this, I really don't. We really like you, but that was terrible. If you're going to sing Aretha, you've got to have a great track."

After Simon suggested she do a verse and a chorus acapella, the 12-year-old looked incredibly nervous - but after a sip of water and a deep breath, she was back in business, and stunned with her second rendition of Think.

Soon enough, Ansley had gotten the audience on their feet, clapping and cheering along to her soulful performance.

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The young girl, who burst into tears when she finished singing, earned a thumbs up from Simon after being put under extraordinary pressure - but the clip was a pre-show leak and the final verdict will be shown in Tuesday's episode.

The America's Got Talent judges weren't the only people who adored her though; hundreds of people took to social media after the clip had been uploaded to Twitter to heap praise on the young'un.

"I just saw Ansley Burns on @AGT on @YouTube and she is from South Carolina. I am her biggest fan. She nailed it! Let's go Ansley!" wrote @MonsHighBarbie. Fellow Twitter user @BethMaranville added: "You got it, Baby! Sing it! I love her!!!!"

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Speaking before her performance, Ansley admitted that appearing on the national talent show was her "dream".

"When I was little, I used to sing and pretend I was on America's Got Talent," she said. "My grandma would get her phone and she'd video me, and now I'm in chorus at school, so I sing a lot for my school. I would love to sing for the rest of my life, so America's Got Talent is literally my dream."

She continued: "It's like I'm stepping inside the television because usually I watch it on TV, and now when I see it, it's right over there, and I'm going to be on that stage in front of all those people."

Congratulations, Ansley! You smashed it!