15 unintentionally hilarious Spotify Genius footnotes

15 unintentionally hilarious Spotify Genius footnotes

Back in 2008, the launch of Spotify brought along something glorious for all music fans out there. Gifting its users with free tunes, anytime, any place, the mobile streaming app quickly became the king of the industry. But, just when we thought it couldn't get any better, in 2016, Spotify joined forces with Genius to give us Behind The Lyrics.

The service, which annotates songs with stories which show the inspiration behind every lyric, gifts its readers with the most hilariously overanalytical footnotes on the internet - and people on social media are very much here for it. They say explaining a joke is the best way to kill it, but for Behind The Lyrics, its the secret to some Genius comedy...

Uh... we got that

That time they slapped Stevie Nicks with the cold, hard facts

Forever peeling back the hidden layers of Justin's tune

I have no words

Clearing up all the fake news about the price of lap dances out there

We really needed to know about that doughnut Ariana licked in 2015

That time they got a little too real

Whats with all the shade thrown at Drake?

Are you ok Genius?

When they educated the youth on slang vocabulary - and types of lettuce


Are you sure you don't want to write a thesis on it? 

Nothing if not educational

That time Genius got a little overexcited


You don't have to ask whose side Genius was on in the Swift-West/Kardashian debacle of 2016


Do you feel as illuminated as I do? Keep doing you, Behind The Lyrics. You truly are nailing it. Want more hysterical Spotify news? Look no further than Spotify displaying its users' most embarrassing listening habits on huge billboards.