Adele reportedly spoke to fan about '7 stone' weight loss while on holiday

Adele reportedly spoke to fan about '7 stone' weight loss while on holiday

Adele has won more awards than I care to mention, most recently at the Grammys, and her stunning vocal talents have made her a household name.

Yet lately Adele has been making headlines for another reason entirely: namely her weight loss.

Now, Adele apparently revealed to a fan while she was on vacation that she recently managed to lose a whopping seven stone while on holiday with Harry Styles in Anguilla in the Carribean.

Speaking to People magazine, a student and fan of Adele's named Lexi Larson says she noticed Harry and Adele eating at Blanchards Restaurant and Beach Shack, and struck up a conversation with the stars not long after.

Lexi stated: "Adele came over and sat down next to me and my friend and was like, 'So what can I do for you girls? We were so excited. We were talking to her for a little while, and then she got Harry Styles to come over and sit with us also. We took a picture with Harry, and we talked to them for 15 minutes probably."

While you're at it, take a look at Adele's emotional Grammys speech:

She added: "They were more asking us questions. It was a really positive experience. It was really cool. She said she lost something like 100 pounds, and that it's such a crazy positive experience. She seemed so happy, and she looked amazing. She seemed really confident."

Lexi says that Adele and Harry asked her a few more questions about her college experiences, but that Adele declined a photograph, due to the fact that she was accompanied by her young son.

According to British tabloid newspaper The Sun, Adele's weight loss is the work of body coach Joe Wicks, who has convinced the singer-songwriter to cut sugar out of her diet.