Billie Eilish reveals she's stopped reading Instagram comments because it was 'ruining her life'

Billie Eilish reveals she's stopped reading Instagram comments because it was 'ruining her life'

The past year has been an absolutely massive one for teen singing sensation Billie Eilish, who managed to become the youngest person and second person ever to win the four main Grammy categories, Best New Artist, Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Album of the Year at the same time. She has since released the theme song for the new James Bond movie No Time To Die.

However, as we all know, sadly fame isn't always an easy thing to contend with, and Billie has revealed in a new interview that social media comments had been having a detrimental effect on her of late.

In a recent interview on BBC Breakfast along with her brother and producer Finneas, Billie claimed that she's now stopped reading comments on her Instagram account.

Recently, Eilish opened up about her struggles with Tourette's syndrome in the interview below: 

Speaking to Louise Minchin, Eilish stated: "I stopped [reading comments] like two days ago. Literally two days ago. I stopped reading comments fully. Because it was ruining my life. Once again. It’s weird. The cooler the things you get to do are, the more people hate you, it’s crazy."

She continued: "When you feel that you have no public voice, and somebody does have a public voice, it seems so immeasurable in that equality scale of whose voice is louder. And you feel like your voice is very quiet. Even though on platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, it can reach them directly."

She added: "So I think you might reach someone, a famous celebrity, and you might think, ‘sticks and stones, nothing I can say is actually gonna be potent to them’. But it’s all very equal online."

It's all-too-easy to forget the impact that social media comments can have on someone, and this is just another reminder to bare such things in mind.