Camila Cabello sparks concern after footage of her between sets emerges online

Camila Cabello sparks concern after footage of her between sets emerges online

Camila Cabello is one of those celebrities who has shot to fame very quickly. Before most of us could even pronounce her name properly, she had already acquired a loyal pack of "stans" who bombard her social media accounts with love and defend the 21-year-old singer whenever someone says anything bad about her.

The American-Cuban musician is probably best known for her hit song Havana, and she's been touring around for a little while now. However, a video that emerged from over the weekend has left fans concerned for her health. Cabello is filmed backstage between sets, and her body language doesn't exactly scream "I'm fit and healthy to perform".

The video appears to be from her July 22 performance in East Rutherford, New Jersey, at the MetLife arena. She was performing her set as part Taylor Swift's Reputation stadium tour, who Cabello is currently touring with.

The singer is filmed closing her eyes while sitting down, chin in the air like she is trying to take deep breaths. She sips on a bottle of water and stands up, before clutching the handrail and pausing to look down as if she suddenly got very dizzy.

Someone commented on the post saying that during her Saturday show at the same venue, she mixed up her words: "On sat she asked, 'How we feeling New York??' ... We were in New Jersey". "Struggle bus," someone else commented, while another asked, "is she ok!?". "I think she's just exhausted," observed someone else, while another person joked "Looks like she’s thinking of what city she’s at next so she can order a custom jersey".

Concerns from fans may well be fuelled by the shock news in May that the young singer was forced to pull out of a Taylor Swift show due to health reasons. She fell ill right after her performance during the 2018 Billboard Music Awards, just before another scheduled show in Seattle, Washington. She had to cancel the show following a brief stint in hospital, where she was admitted for doctors to run "a lot of tests". The 21-year-old told fans all about it over social media.

“So yesterday after my performance at the billboards, I was feeling really sick and ended up in the hospital to get checked out,” Cabello tweeted.

“They ran a lot of tests and everything is fine, but the diagnosis was basically dehydration and I also have a low grade fever — the doctors have told me I really have to get rest otherwise I won’t get better — so unfortunately I won’t be able to perform my set during the Reputation tour in Seattle tomorrow.”

“I’m so sorry to let you guys down and I promise I will make it up as soon as I can! I guess sometimes I just push myself too hard and I promise I’m gonna take better care of myself,” she continued.

Well, it seems fans weren't convinced that she was indeed taking better care of herself, judging by the reactions to that video of her between sets over the weekend.

In fact, it seems Camila Cabello stans are getting low key obsessed about her drinking enough water. Twitter is filled with fans tagging the Havana singer and asking if she'd drank enough water that day.

Well, here's hoping that Camila is following their advice before she ends up in hospital again.