Eminem takes out a full-page diss ad to savagely slam people who criticized his new album

Eminem takes out a full-page diss ad to savagely slam people who criticized his new album

With all of the drama surrounding Eminem's feud with Machine Gun Kelly, it's becoming harder to remember that, when it comes down to it, it's all about the music.

That's right, while the focus has remained on savage comebacks and quick-witted barbs, perhaps the question we should all be asking ourselves is: is this good music?

Unfortunately for Eminem, the critics say no. His surprise album Kamikaze opened to mixed reviews from commentators, who slammed the Lose Yourself star for rapping "only for the sheer thrill of hearing himself rap", "trying to stay relevant" and "just not saying much". Ouch.

However, in typical Eminem fashion, he's not having any of it. The 45-year-old made it clear that he didn't care what anyone thinks when he reportedly published a full-page ad in the Hollywood Reporter magazine that clapped back at his haters.

The ad in question was titled "Not for your consideration" and featured the most brutal reviews that Kamikaze had received from critics.

"The good news is that it's easily the best Eminem album in more than a decade. The bad news is that it still sucks," writes Stereogum.

"...the work of an aging artist trying, and failing, to remain relevant," states The Hollywood Reporter.

"What happens if Kamikaze doesn't outsell Revival? Who'll be to blame then?" Vulture asks.

After a rundown of his haters, the rapper's ad goes on to list the record's impressive sales figures. "#1 in 103 countries and 434,000 equivalent album units and in the US first week," it reads.

Then, throwing the shade we all know he adores to throw, Eminem writes: "NOT FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION... Thanks for the support a**holes".

Turns out the rapper is good at more than diss tracks. In fact, he pretty much nails the 'diss ad', doesn't he?

His supporters on social media loved it, with one naming the savage response to critics "perfection".

"Eminem is and always will be number 1! I love the new album and all of Em's albums some better then others but I would always stand by him! #numberonefan," wrote Twitter user @tmarquez042.

She was joined by @AdheffNZ who claimed that reviewers were all wrong, saying: "Reviewers salty at there own irrelevance. No exclusive interview. No ad revenue. Try to make it seem to your bosses like it's not big deal, you assured your editor you are right but #1 in 103 countries your opinion is redundant. Just like you're about to be."

While his diss ad destroyed his critics, there is one detractor that Eminem is yet to sort out: Machine Gun Kelly, of course.

The latest news in the beef sees MGK trash the Not Afraid star in a new interview.

Appearing on New York City radio show The Breakfast Club, MGK claimed the fight wasn't fake, as it's been rumoured, and stated that Eminem couldn't even offend his nine-year-old daughter.

"I honestly don't think my daughter would want [the autograph]," he said. "She texted me when that 'KILLSHOT' came out and was like, 'Eh.' At 9 years old. You can't even offend a nine-year-old?"

So, will Slim Shady respond with as much fire as he had while creating the diss ad? We sure hope so.