Everything you need to know about the insane drama between 50 Cent and a 'Vanderpump Rules' cast member

Everything you need to know about the insane drama between 50 Cent and a 'Vanderpump Rules' cast member

From the moment we met 50 Cent back in 2003, he warned us he was going to "Get Rich or Die Tryin'" - and boy did he mean it! In his debut hit single In Da Club, the rapper told us he was "feelin' focused man, my money on my mind".

In follow-up song, 21 Questions, he asked his girl if she'd love equally him on a Bentley and on a bus - but we knew he'd be in that Bentley soon enough! And in 2007, "Fiddy" announced he'd finally achieved his goal, telling the world: "I, I get money, money I got (I, I get it)".

With this in mind, it should come as no real surprise that if you borrow money from the 43-year-old and don't give it back in the agreed upon time, you should perhaps get the CIA to throw you a fake identity for your own protection.

Randall Emmett and Lala Kent Credit: Getty

That's certainly what we would have done if we were in Randall Emmett's shoes.

Randall, a TV producer, made the mistake of borrowing $1 million from 50 Cent for an unnamed business deal, and, according to the rapper, didn't give it back for six years.

In the meantime though, Randall - the co-founder of production company Emmett/Furla/Oasis Films - was living large and showering his girlfriend, Vanderpump Rules Star Lala Kent ,with private jets, fancy houses, and designer labels; all of which she would boast about on the show. Big error in judgement.

That's how this wild ride started. On Friday, 50 Cent posted a clip from a recent episode of Vanderpump Rules on his Instagram page, in which Lala joked about using sex with Randall to get a Range Rover and a role in a movie. A clip with an extremely unpleasant caption, that is.

50 Cent/Instagram Credit: 50 Cent/Instagram

Following up his post with some derogatory comments about Lala, he also compared Randall to Harvey Weinstein, prompting his reality TV star girlfriend to speak up on her own Instagram, where she said that 50 Cent's comments served to "diminish the validity of the #MeToo movement."

But her rich boyfriend had another view on things, and started texting the rapper telling him to apologise, claiming he was going to the ER because he felt like he was having a heart attack.

50 Cent texts Credit: 50 Cent

In addition, he also begged Fiddy to stop posting about him on Instagram. In response, 50 posted his messages on Instagram, writing that Randall had until Monday to pay back his $1 million.

50 Cent/Instagram Credit: 50 Cent/Instagram

Picking up on the vibe that 50 wasn't playing around, Randall texted more apologies and said he wanted 50 Cent to be in his wedding to Lala. Shockingly, the rapper declined the invite. The producer then added insult to injury by typing: "I said I'm sorry fofty."

Now he was in for it...

50 Cent t-shirt Credit: 50 Cent/Instagram

Soon after, Fiddy began selling "I'm sorry fofty" t-shirts and posting savage (hilarious) memes about the situation.

50 Cent/Instagram post Credit: 50 Cent/Instagram

50 Cent Instagram post Credit: 50 Cent/Instagram

Somehow still not getting the impression that he wasn't going to win this, Randall sent a shirtless picture of himself in the hospital to prove he was ill.

Credit: 50 Cent/Instagram post Credit: 50 Cent/Instagram

This, however, just spurred Fiddy's meme game on further. In addition, the P.I.M.P rapper alleged that he'd made $300,000 off the "I'm sorry Fofty" t-shirts. "Wow I like this FOFTY thing man," he wrote on Instagram. "And that was only a few hours. Call me Fofty."

50 Cent/Instagram Credit: 50 Cent/Instagram

50 Cent/Instagram Credit: 50 Cent/Instagram

This brings us to the day of reckoning: Monday. Did 50 get his money, you ask? Of course he did!

50 Cent text message Credit: 50 Cent

He even wished Randall and his family a blessed day afterwards - because Fiddy's sweet like that!

50 Cent/Instagram Credit: 50 Cent/Instagram

After the drama came to its end, Chrissy Teigen chimed in, writing on Twitter: "I never ever want 50 cent to be mad at me." [sic]

Us neither, Chrissy.