Little Mix's Jesy Nelson strips naked for intimate bed snap on Instagram

Little Mix's Jesy Nelson strips naked for intimate bed snap on Instagram

There are certain advantages to following a celebrity on social media that nobody ever tells you about.

Sure, it means that you're that much closer to the drama when something hits the fan, and it's always fun to spy on them via their Instagram stories. But sometimes a celeb can end up sharing something pretty raunchy, which it's always nice to be privy to.

It seems as though Jesy Nelson of British girl band Little Mix is no exception to this rule. On the internet, Jesy is probably best known for the infamous viral video in which she attempts to impersonate a Jamaican accent, panics, and instead mumbles a strange garbled expression instead. (Seriously, what is she saying? "Bareng? "Garenbdh?" "Beringia?" Who knows?)

However, this week Jesy has managed to make a name for herself in a different way, after posting a NSFW photo of herself wrapped up naked under her bedsheets to Instagram. Jesy captioned the steamy pic: "i’ll just use my covers to stay warm tonight... [sic]" Suffice to say, her many fans ended up getting pretty hot and bothered over the snap.

Someone with the handle anique.taylor: "For a minute i thought you were wearing a wedding dress and i was about to go crazy😂👰🏽 [sic]." Meanwhile, someone else with the handle matt_bear12 added: "Wow I am sure you will stay nice and cosy and looking very beautiful as well ❤️", and another person called ms.corina commented: "You are on fire last night🔥♥️ dream come true to see you guys on stage♥️♥️♥️. [sic]"

However, Jesy hasn't just been enthralling us with her titillating photos. The X-Factor star has recently announced her intention to film and present a BBC3 documentary, entitled Jesy Nelson: My Story. The documentary will be partly autobiographical and also deal with Jesy's (and other people's) mental health struggles over the years.

Commenting on her new project in a recent official statement, Jesy said:

"So I can finally announce that I am making a film with the BBC and it’s a subject that’s really, really close to my heart and it’s about mental health awareness. One in four men and women suffer from mental health and it’s a subject that I personally think we don’t speak about enough, and I’m making this film because I really, really want to make a change to other people’s lives."

She added:

"Mental health awareness is something we should all be talking about ... Having suffered myself I decided I want to do something about it. So I’m pleased to announce I’m making a film with the BBC, telling my own personal story and exploring how social media, body shaming and trolling is affecting the mental health of young people."