Nick Jonas faces angry backlash from fans over new magazine cover shoot

Nick Jonas faces angry backlash from fans over new magazine cover shoot

Once upon a time, it seemed as though Nick Jonas could do no wrong. When he was a part of the phenomenally-successful Jonas Brothers, playing music alongside his siblings, his fans were so devoted to him that they would defend him over any controversy you wished to name.

But times have changed, and now Nick has landed himself in hot water, and been strongly criticised by his fans over an ''inappropriate'' magazine cover shoot he participated in, which seemed to promote cigar smoking.

The trouble began when Nick uploaded a picture of himself to his official Twitter account, which showed him on the cover of Cigar Aficionado magazine. He captioned the picture: "First person under 30 to hold a cigar on the cover of one of my favourite magazines. So pumped about this one! Thank you @CigarAficMag! Issue on newsstands September 24th. [sic]"

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However, a number of his social media followers were outraged that the musician would ever endorse smoking and were vocal in their criticism. Check out some of the Twitter reactions to the photoshoot below:

However, some people have come to Nick's defence. In a recent episode of the American talk show The View, host Meghan McCain defended Jonas, stating: "Well, I put a picture of myself smoking a cigar a week ago, and I didn’t know any of this was going on, and people really have a problem with people posting cigars and my answer is John Boehner’s answer."

She continued: "I’m a grown woman, he’s a grown a** man. Leave them alone. And I’m sorry, Am I supposed to give up all vices all the time, anymore? No one's ever allowed to do anything. No drinking, no smoking cigars, no fun. It’s Trump’s America. Leave him alone. He’s married to Priyanka Chopra living his best life."