People think that Billie Eilish's brother's girlfriend looks just like her

People think that Billie Eilish's brother's girlfriend looks just like her

It's fair to say that Billie Eilish has a pretty distinctive look. Taking to the red carpet at the American Music Awards last week, she left us all stunned with her conventional style: wearing a Burberry-print two-piece and what looked like a beekeepers hat, with green highlights in her hair.

However, it's looking like she might have a doppelganger despite her quirky appearance. What's even more awkward is the fact that Billie's fans have noticed that her lookalike is YouTuber Claudia Sulewski - the girl currently dating her brother, Finneas.

Watch Billie strut her stuff on stage at a recent live performance:

Finneas (whom Billie has collaborated with a number of times in the past) first began dating Claudia in October 2018, and the couple has been posting cute pics together on social media ever since: to the delight of their many thousands of fans and followers.

However, many people cannot get over the fact that Claudia does bare a striking resemblance to Billie:

According to Elite Daily, Claudia is a verified Instagram influencer with 1.2 million followers and a YouTube vlogger with two million subscribers. The vast majority of her content consists of mainly beauty tutorials, but she also creates travel videos, like the recent trip to Australia she took with Finneas as part of Eilish's tour.

Take a look at some of Claudia's Instagram pics below to see just how similar she looks to her boyfriend's sister:

Finneas appears to have strong feelings for Claudia, since he even recently dedicated a single to her which he allegedly wrote the first night he met her. He even took the tribute one step further, by using a piece of Claudia's own artwork as the single's cover.

However, the famous pair appear to be humble at heart. In a March interview with Billboard, Finneas stated that Claudia gets stopped for photos more often than he does.