Pusha T accuses Drake of paying fans to throw beer at him as wild brawl erupts at his show

Pusha T accuses Drake of paying fans to throw beer at him as wild brawl erupts at his show

It's safe to say that Pusha T and Drake won't be exchanging Christmas cards. After sneak-dissing each other for years, this summer their simmering beef exploded. On Pusha T's album Daytona, which was produced by Kanye West, he slammed Drake on Infrared for not writing his own songs. Drake responded in days with Duppy Freestyle, claiming Push isn't a top 5 talent on his own label, and has exaggerated his past as a drug dealer. Both songs were dope, and had some great lines. The beef looked like a draw.

Then Pusha T dropped an atomic bomb, The Story Of Adinon, a calculated diss track with shocking revelations about Drake. "Drug dealin' aside, ghostwritin' aside / Let's have a heart-to-heart about your pride," the Clipse member began. He went on to spill the tea that Drake secretly had a baby, Adonis, with Sophie Brussaux, a former adult film star. "You are hiding a child," he scolded. And amazingly, the claim turned out to be true! This 'secret baby' had been speculated about on a few gossip sites, and now it was confirmed national news.

What's more, Pusha T claimed Drake wasn't caring for Adonis, leaving him to grow up in a single parent household, just like he grew up in a single household, after his parents got divorced. Apparently, Drake was going to reveal Adonis to the world with an Adidas fashion line called "Adinon," hence the title of the song, and mean old Pusha T spoiled that too. Then the North Carolina MC discovered Drake was offering $100K for dirt on him, and exposed that too! (Oh, and the song's cover art was a real photo of Drake donning offensive blackface, that nobody knew about. Can we give Pusha T a Pulitzer Prize for investigative journalism please?

Reportedly Drake was going to respond to Pusha T with a blistering diss track, that supposedly "career-ending." However, influential mogul and mentor, J. Prince, advised Drake not to "get in the pigpen with the pigs." Drake stayed quiet, then started throwing sneak-disses at Kanye West, and ranted to LeBron James about how Yeezy spilled the tea about Adonis to Push. But nope. During an appearance on The Joe Budden Podcast, Pusha T revealed that it was actually Drake's own producer, 40, who spilled the tea to a woman during 'pillow talk,' then that woman told Push. So much drama!

The rappers aren't dissing each other on wax anymore, but apparently the beef is still going. On Tuesday night, Pusha T performed at Danforth Music Hall in Toronto, Drake's hometown, and people in the crowd threw a pusha-ton of beer on stage. The Runaway rapper ran for cover, and just in time, because a massive brawl broke out in the front row. A Twitter user shared a video of the madness, and it's pretty wild.

After security broke up the fight, Pusha T returned to the stage and accused Drake of paying fans to throw beer at him. Well, allegedly he offered $1ooK to people for "info," so who's to say he wouldn't pay fans to throw beer? (Although a better move might have been to buy 200 concert tickets, just so the front rows could be empty, like 50 Cent claimed to do to Ja Rule.) As Pusha T continued the show, he played the song Infrared, which you might recall, disses the former star of Degrassi: The New Generation.

TMZ reports that three people were hospitalized, but none of the injuries were life-threatening. Can we keep this beef on wax, please? It's pretty lame Drake never responded to The Story of Adinon. How are you going to say you have a career-ending diss track, and then never release it? That's like saying, "I have a girlfriend, she just lives in Canada."