NHL star's pick up line to Anna Kendrick has Twitter acting as his wingman

NHL star's pick up line to Anna Kendrick has Twitter acting as his wingman

Ah, Twitter. It's the ultimate social media platform when it comes to making connections, and sometimes, testing your luck. Case in point, NHL star Anthony Beauvillier's pickup line to actress Anna Kendrick.

Taking to the microblogging website, he decided to initiate a conversation with the actress, not by sliding into her DMs (respect), but by simply writing "Hi @AnnaKendrick47," prompting the entirety of Twitter to act as his wingman.

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Now, in case your memory needs prompting, 2019 has been a fantastic year for Beauvillier, 22, who scored an impressive 10 goals for the New York Islanders this season.

At the time of writing, Beauvillier's original tweet to Kendrick has received over 31K likes and counting, with countless Twitter wingmen jumping to his aid in the replies.

"Remember Beau when you saved me from a burning building, cooked me a 7 course meal and taught me 8 languages," former Islander defenceman Bruno Gervais replied. "That was a great day."

However, Gervais was far from the only person to have Beauvillier's back. Total strangers got in on the action too.

One wrote: "Hey Anthony thanks again for paying a whole [year's] worth of my rent. I don't know how I can repay you. Much love."

A second remarked: "All I know is when I needed a brain transplant, Anthony was there. And not just by himself, oh no. But with the children from the orphanage he adopted and all the kittens he saved from the pet store."

And if that wasn't impressive enough, a third added: "Hey Beau, The folks at @NASA called, looks like they're gonna need you to save the world from another planet-ending asteroid again. Yeah I know, it's getting old saving the world, but face it you're our only hope! Thanks, the entire world owes you for your sacrifice!"

Thirty-four-year-old Kendrick rose to fame for her roles in Pitch Perfect and Up in the Air, and she is currently starring in the new Disney+ original Noelle.

Almost two days later, she replied to fans on Twitter, thanking them for their tales of Beauvillier's "heroism".

Kendrick wrote: "These replies have been my entertainment for the last two days. Thank you all for regaling me with the true tales of this man’s heroism."

Now, if there's any justice in the world, Kendrick will do the right thing and slide into Beauvillier's DMs. We are rooting for you guys!